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Success Story

Highline Wellness’ initial challenge was getting creators outside of the health and wellness world interested in CBD. Instead of focusing on the typical CBD consumers, like yogis and wellness addicts, the company was more interested in converting people to CBD. MuteSix accomplished this goal on Highline Wellness’ behalf by utilizing specialized outreach messaging tactics and by collaborating with well known macro influencers to improve credibility.

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the story

Who is Highline Wellness?

Highline Wellness is a New York City-based CBD oil provider for customers managing chronic pain and stress. The brand believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality, chemical- free CBD oil supplements.

In addition to managing an ecommerce shop, the brand is committed to product personalization and making product knowledge available to all. As such, they debunk CBD myths and offer solutions for anyone who “needs daily support or one-time relief.”

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Who is MuteSix?

MuteSix, an iProspect company, is an award-winning, full funnel digital and creative agency providing intelligent ad solutions that grow disruptor brands into enterprise market leaders. They help their clients design for the future while evolving their existing businesses with our agency’s winning combination of expert media buying, creativity, and talent.

Along with our key industry partnerships, MuteSix delivers scalable marketing solutions for clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including retail, ecommerce, luxury, nonprofit, technology, sports, publishing, and financial services.

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the goal

Work with creators to obtain user-generated ads.

Highline Wellness originally came to the MuteSix influencer marketing team with the goal of working with creators to obtain user-generated ad content. But when their ad account was disabled and they couldn’t utilize their paid social channels, the goal quickly shifted to a focus on generating ROI through influencer and programmatic marketing.

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The best tool to manage 1-1000+ influencers. The biggest problem GRIN solves for us is reporting ROI. Being able to connect to Shopify is huge both being able to create personalized discount codes and links at scale and then being able to report based on campaign and influencer.

– Sarah Grosz, Breaking things | MuteSix

the solution

Combat the marketing restrictions found on many paid social channels

MuteSix leveraged display ads on programmatic to reach new audiences and combat the marketing restrictions around ingestible CBD found on many paid social channels. With the goal of reaching new customers, MuteSix built a full-funnel programmatic approach inclusive of lookalike targeting, behavioral targeting, and contextual targeting, in addition to retargeting. The agency incorporated the influencer images received in banners, allowing them to quickly generate creative assets and drive engagement with new users.

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the results

Maintain business without paid social advertising

By utilizing MuteSix’s influencer and programmatic marketing teams, Highline Wellness could maintain their business without paid social advertising while their ad account was disabled. Online sales volume via Shopify increased by 27% during the first 2 months of programmatic activity, and Shopify revenue increased by 28%.

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