Organifi Influencer Marketing Case Study

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Organifi Influencer Marketing Case Study 1

Success Story

When Organifi founder Drew Canole decided he was tired of being overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy, he searched for a solution that would turn his health around. On his quest for a healthier lifestyle, he discovered the power of superfoods and was hooked. Drew began to document his journey down the path towards health by sharing videos online–and he gathered a community of supporters who cheered him on along the way.

Since its birth in 2014, the company has grown to serve millions of health-conscious individuals who enjoy their unique, nutrient-rich products. But Organifi wants to be known as more than just drink powders–they pride themselves on connecting with their customer community and following their health transformations. The brand works hard to foster a community among its fans and uses an influencer marketing program to help with that goal.


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the story

Building a community of creators

When Organifi first launched an influencer marketing program, anyone could join. All users had to do was fill out a short application on the website, get a discount code, and go on their way. However, this didn’t make for much of an active or effective influencer program.

At first glance, the program was huge-there were almost 4000 members. However, these brand ambassadors were not creators in the true sense of the word. They were just ordinary people dropping a discount link here or there. The link wasn’t personalized for tracking or metrics, and virtually none of the 4000 ambassadors had highly-engaged followers who were closely aligned with Organifi’s potential customer.

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Organifi Influencer Marketing Case Study 2

the goal

Partner with customers who love the brand

Realizing that they needed a better strategy, the marketing team decided to pause and completely revamp the influencer marketing program. The team removed everyone from the program but ten of the very best creators. Then, they decided to hone in very narrowly on targeting their ideal customers. Using carefully crafted buyer personas, the team decided to search for new creators whose own audiences and interests were closely aligned with Organifi’s brand. This way, they could benefit from partnerships with ambassadors who could truly represent the brand and what they stand for.

Organifi Influencer Marketing Case Study 3

We definitely evaluated a few before we decided to go with GRIN. The spreadsheet game was not going to work. What we loved about GRIN is the fact that we can have a million campaigns and then send mass emails as well from within GRIN and helps us stay organized.

– Lauren Maxwell, Partnership Manager at Organifi

the solution

Move from spreadsheets to software to streamline

Eventually, the team decided that they required a specific creator management tool in their workflow. They began using an influencer marketing software platform. However, as they wanted to start scaling the program, it became evident that there were some challenges.

Fortunately, the Organifi team found the solution they needed in GRIN. The GRIN software’s vast array of features provided everything they needed to scale the Organifi Collective into a thriving influencer marketing program. 

Using GRIN helped the company create an effective workflow that supported their goal of finding creators closely aligned to their brand’s mission and lifestyle. Searching for ambassadors that would perfectly represent the brand became efficient.

Using GRIN’s Chrome extension for searching Instagram creators provides an excellent way to focus on their objective of collaborating with ambassadors who are closely aligned with Organifi’s brand. GRIN’s recruit tool and audience reports allow the creator search to focus on those who get high engagement from specific cities or audience demographics like age range or interests.

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the results

A collective of creator relationships

A large part of the reason that Organifi’s influencer program has been so successful is that the Organifi team has been able to use GRIN to create close, genuine relationships with their ambassadors. Offering superior support and regularly engaging with the creators is vital in achieving the brand’s goal of running an influencer marketing program based on authentic connection versus mere transactions.

Choosing GRIN allowed Organifi to streamline their ambassador program from a giant, unfocused free-for-all to a perfectly chosen group of active ambassadors with on-brand interests and audiences. GRIN’s comprehensive suite of features frees up the Organifi marketing team’s time to allow them to focus on what matters most–creating a community around the Organifi mission.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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