Baby Brand Influencer Marketing Case Study

A shark tank take-off brand drives conversions and generates 7-figure revenue with GRIN

Success Story

This brand provides a sleep solution for room sharing with a baby or toddler.
After 2 years on the market, the brand has seen incredible success in the U.S. baby market and are expanding their reach to Canada. They’ve also recently launched a new product line for pet owners who want to create a dark, comforting environment for their fur baby to relax and sleep.




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the story

Free product for reviews

The Brand’s marketing was focused on creators right from the start. Since so many of their sales were coming through word-of-mouth, they wanted to level up that approach with influencer marketing, and grow their reach.

Their influencer program is made up of creators who receive a product in exchange for posting about the brand, and sleep coaches and consultants who operate solely on an affiliate agreement.  

When the brand’s marketing manager joined the company, she was tasked with managing all 200 of the brand’s creators manually, using spreadsheets, Google docs, and scrolling through Instagram to see if they’d been tagged. At the time, their only dedicated tool for the program was used to track conversions so they could pay their affiliates.

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the goal

Shifting from brand awareness to conversions

In the beginning, the brand’s marketing goal was to create brand awareness and generate excitement about the product. They were very successful in not just attracting customers, but also had a growing list of creators who wanted to work with them. As they gained more traction, their goal changed from brand awareness to conversions. But their current system for managing and tracking creators could not facilitate the transition.

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Ultimately we really wanted to be more purposeful about how we were evaluating the success of our influencers. GRIN has allowed us to tailor and target what we’re doing and make sure that if our goal is conversions, we’re making choices that support that goal.
– Marketing Manager

the solution

Streamlined workflows and easy conversion tracking

GRIN streamlined their processes and allowed them to expand their affiliate commission model to include all of their creators. Now they were able to use discount codes to track conversions and GRIN’s reporting power to figure out where they should be focusing and who would get them the most conversions.

GRIN automated all the busywork that used to eat up the marketing manager’s time including tracking creator posting progress, creator stories, campaign management, onboarding, scheduling follow-up, and fulfillment. GRIN also provided metrics and reporting so the team could make data driven decisions.

Baby Product Brand Influencer Marketing Case Study 2
influencer marketing case study slumberpod

the results

Massive engagement, massive growth

“We do very little paid marketing, because we are getting so much revenue just from the influencer program.” -Marketing Manager

Since bringing on GRIN, the brand has built an efficient, revenue generating influencer marketing program. They currently work with just over 300 active creators. Their creator discount codes have already brought in seven figure sales numbers and they continue to rise. The team evaluates the program, based on the data they get from GRIN, and regularly makes improvements to increase conversions and grow their company.

“It’s really streamlined the process for us, and allowed us to make more informed decisions, and allowed us to grow more easily.” – Marketing Manager

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