Hoo.be Influencer Marketing Case Study

How an innovative link-in-bio solution partners with creators to drive social proof 

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Success Story

Hoo.be is redefining direct-to-audience engagement through the link-in-bios of today’s most popular online creators. From sharing content to building digital communities, hoo.be is the go-to hub for creators to connect their followers with their entire online world.

the story

Building brand awareness with some of today’s biggest celebrities

Hoo.be is unique since one of its key user groups is creators. For their program, they invite mega influencers and celebrities (including J Balvin and Chris Hemsworth) to use their link-in-bio solution as the ultimate form of social proof. When other creators see the extensive functionality of a hoo.be link, they can go to the hoo.be site and apply for their own page. 

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the goal

Reaching more influencers, faster

With a one-to-one outreach approach and manual creator searching, the hoo.be team wasted a lot of time and wasn’t making the impact they knew they could. And without data to back up their outreach messaging, it was difficult to see which types of emails performed the best. 

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“GRIN has provided a drastic difference for us when it comes to how our creator success team conducts search and recruitment for prospective creators, as well as outreach to those prospects” 

Jordan Greenfield, Founder and CEO of hoo.be

the solution

Search and communication tools to streamline their workflow 

The team at hoo.be turned to GRIN for assistance. With our expansive Creator Search database and advanced Email Templates and Sequences, hoo.be managed to expand its influencer program in much less time. 

And with the ability to see which emails performed well, they could optimize their messages to improve conversion rates. 

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the results

An uptick in adoption for hoo.be 

With the ability to reach out to more influencers with the click of a few buttons, hoo.be could scale its program and bring more active partners onto the team.

As a result, hoo.be has seen: 

  • 650% increase in weekly outreach 
  • 200% increase in active creators acquired from influencer outreach 
  • 12+ hours saved each week
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