Baotris x Espin Influencer Marketing Case Study

Built name recognition for an e-bike startup in a saturated market

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Success Story

Baotris is a new kind of growth investor for Shopify stores, providing capital, resources, and enterprise-level tools to supercharge scaling. Contributing to Baotris’ success is Kajal Ford, who heads up its internal People and Financial Operations, as well as Top of Funnel Ecommerce Marketing for clients, including influencer, affiliate, content, and ecommerce SEO initiatives. 

Baotris’ first partnership was with Espin, an electric bike startup focused on simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability.

the story

Building community through content creators

Knowing Baotris had to help Espin make a name for itself in the saturated e-bike market, Kajal turned to content creators who could generate brand awareness, trust, and conversions.

After experimenting with a wide range of creators, Kajal trusted the data and formed long-term partnerships with nano and micro influencers. To make sure the content rang true to their audiences, Kajal allowed these creators to have nearly complete creative freedom over the content they produced, which led to exceptional results.

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the goal

Streamline the process

As an influencer marketing team of one managing several different brands, Kajal needed a solution that could simplify recruitment, communication, product fulfillment, tracking, and more. After months of dealing with insufficient reporting and an incompatible tech stack, she knew she needed to make a change.

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“I think this goes into really the value of GRIN. I would not be able to do this for all of our clients by myself, plus brand finance, and operations, and HR for my company if I didn’t have a tool that really allowed me to do that.”

— Kajal Ford, Baotris’ Director of Operations & Organic Marketing

the solution

A one-stop-shop for creator management

Kajal discovered her solution in GRIN’s Creator Management platform. With an arsenal of advanced tools at her disposal, she was able to find and recruit a wide array of unique content creators. 

From there, she used Reporting Dashboards to monitor the success of the entire campaign and each creator. And when specific partnerships proved to be exceptionally beneficial for Espin, Kajal could reward the creators through the platform’s Commission Tiers.

Kajal managed to save valuable time throughout this whole process with the help of app integrations for essential elements of the team’s tech stack, including Slack and Shopify.

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the results

Sustainable results for sustainable bikes

Since partnering with GRIN, Espin has seen not only an increase in brand awareness but also an increase in conversions. They have also built a content bank from reputable creators and created a thriving e-bike community on Facebook. 

From March 2021 to March 2022, Baotris and Espin generated:

  • 47 long-term partnerships with content creators
  • 57 evergreen YouTube videos 
  • 250% growth across social channels 

GRIN enabled Baotris and Espin to build trust within key communities through the power of authentic content. With the ability to automate tasks and streamline processes, GRIN gave these brands the chance to skip the minutiae and focus on the strategy that led to these amazing results.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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