City Beauty Influencer Marketing Case Study

A key driver of City Beauty’s philosophy involves connecting directly with customers and leveraging influencers to maintain the strong rapport they’ve built with the people who love their products.

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Success Story

City Beauty is a Los Angeles-based luxury skincare brand that unifies beauty and science to produce research-focused skincare solutions. The City Beauty team formulates its products with clean, cruelty-free ingredients designed to support specific skin goals—from visibly plumper lips to firmer-looking skin and anything in between.

As a digitally native company, City Beauty prides itself on a customer-centric approach to developing and marketing products. A key driver of this philosophy involves connecting directly with customers and leveraging influencers to maintain the strong rapport they’ve built with the people who love their products.

the story

Trust the brand and mission

City Beauty’s female-led team is passionate about uplifting women and helping them see the most beautiful version of themselves. But regardless of gender, City Beauty strives to help its customers feel empowered through the latest skincare advancements and accessible products.

After rebranding in 2018, City Beauty started recruiting and sending products to social media creators who exemplified the brand’s values. Over the next few years, the company built a roster of high-performing content creators who trusted the brand, loved its products, and supported its mission.

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the goal

Cut out the busywork

City Beauty’s influencer marketing team initially managed its entire influencer marketing program from a spreadsheet. But as the program grew to hundreds of creators over various platforms, the two-person team realized it needed a streamlined approach to the overwhelming amount of work it took to manage it all.

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Previously I was just doing manual searching and Google Sheets, so coming to City Beauty and experiencing GRIN was life-changing. Being able to have GRIN as our influencer marketing platform just makes everything so much easier.

– Lily Yang, City Beauty influencer marketing coordinator

the solution

A platform to house it all

The team found its solution with GRIN’s Creator Management platform, which equipped them with everything they needed to streamline their influencer marketing workflow so they could focus on what’s important: nurturing lasting, personal relationships with their favorite creators.

With GRIN, City Beauty can access the platform’s discovery and recruitment tools, such as Curated Lists — the industry’s first discovery-as-a-service product, the Web Extension that allows them to quickly view creator stats and import select creators directly into their CRM, and customized Landing Pages to allow creators to come directly to them.

The team can also organize its creators into lists of applicants, prospects, and current partners. They use personalized email templates to communicate with contacts within each group and leverage contract templates to include usage rights for repurposing creator content. 

City Beauty counted on GRIN’s support team to help them transition from a manual to an automated approach to influencer marketing. After a brief onboarding process, the team was off and running with a mastery of new tools at their disposal.

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the results

Focus on what matters most

City Beauty grew its Instagram following by more than 35k in the first three years of using GRIN. The team has nurtured a thriving community of high-performing creators, with many generating as much as a 200% ROI for the brand.

City Beauty has also accumulated:

  • 3,000+ pieces of influencer content
  • 28,000+ link conversions
  • 6.9 million+ impressions from influencer content

GRIN enabled City Beauty to streamline its influencer marketing approach and let its creators work their magic. The creator management platform gave the team time back to focus on what’s truly important: scaling the program and building genuine, collaborative relationships with authentic creators and their audiences.

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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