Branch Basics Influencer Marketing Case Study

How a DTC cleaning supply brand streamlined their influencer and affiliate marketing program

Branch Basics Influencer Marketing Case Study 1

Success Story

Branch Basics is a direct-to-consumer non-toxic cleaning product company. Their products come with a concentrate that users mix with water in refillable bottles that are lighter on the wallet and the environment. Built upon the idea that living a clean life can do wonders for a person’s health, Branch Basics also uses its platform to educate consumers on how to cut out toxins. 

the story

A fresh start for an influencer marketing program

There are two tiers to Branch Basics’ influencer marketing program—affiliate and paid. Their affiliates work on a commission basis and receive links to share with their followers. When an affiliate performs really well, the team at Branch Basics will offer them a paid partnership.

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Branch Basics Influencer Marketing Case Study 2

the goal

Cleaning up a cluttered workflow

With multiple influencer marketing tools in their arsenal that didn’t connect with each other, the team spent a lot of time jumping from platform to platform. And as their program grew and they began working with more and more partners, tracking progress and whether the creators actually delivered on their tasks became difficult.

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“With the affiliates, we try to keep it within the 100 range just for tighter-knit, stronger relationships. But with GRIN, honestly, it almost, like, alleviated so many pain points that if we wanted to expand it more, we truly could.”

Jessi Van Blarcom-  Partnerships Manager at Branch Basics

the solution

Streamlined processes to save time

Branch Basics turned to GRIN for all of their influencer marketing needs. With a full suite of tools at their fingertips, the Branch Basics team could cut down on wasted time and be more efficient in their creator management. 

Branch Basics Influencer Marketing Case Study 4

the results

More time to devote to relationship-building

With much more time on their hands, the team could devote more of their time to what really matters—relationship-building and strategizing. 

GRIN’s CRM allowed them to repurpose high-performing content, monitor each creator’s progress, and keep detailed notes, so nothing fell through the cracks.
As a result, the Branch Basics team effectively manages: 

  • 100-150 affiliates a month 
  • 25 paid partners a month

And with a robust set of resources and a Customer Success Manager dedicated to helping them navigate the platform, GRIN helped the Branch Basics team discover even more time-saving tips. 

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.

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