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How an influencer marketing agency streamlines its workflows to allow time for innovation 

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Success Story

FIVE Years Apart is a Miami-based influencer marketing agency offering everything from à-la-carte services to turn-key solutions to help brands succeed in the creator economy. One of their standout services is PR kit and gifting campaign management—campaigns suited for brands looking to generate brand awareness and high-quality creator content. A challenging campaign type to scale, the team has the FIVE Creator Network to rely on, an ever-growing group of creators comprised of individuals the team has worked with in the past, as well as people who apply to join.

the story

Making time for innovation, all while scaling a thriving business

As a small business, CEO Carolina Torrens and COO Belen Torrens knew they needed a way to take some of the busy work off the shoulders of their employees. After all, it’s hard to elevate your offerings while you’re stuck in the minutiae of everyday work. 

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the goal

Finding ways to streamline their workflows 

To find the time they needed to elevate their offerings, they needed to discover ways to identify ideal creators and communicate with them at scale, all while tracking the results of their efforts in real time.

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Carolina Torrens, CEO of influencer marketing agency FIVE Years Apart

“I think it’s just a great time saver and a way to open up some space in your business to drive some more value for your customers.”

— Carolina Torrens, CEO of FIVE Years Apart

the solution

Advanced automation for an advanced agency

With experience in GRIN through her previous influencer marketing jobs, Carolina knew the full suite of tools available through the platform was the answer to their problems. From discovering new creators to tracking campaign data, GRIN helped FIVE Years Apart save time and scale their offerings. 

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the results

Incredible time savings and the ability to scale 

Carolina and Belen now have more time to innovate, elevate their services, and offer even more value to their clients. 

Working with their team, Carolina and Belen have developed ideal workflows for identifying creators, reaching out to potential partners, developing creator agreements, tracking and downloading UGC, measuring campaign results, and more.

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