Why Small Agencies Are Using Influencer Marketing Platforms

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Have you heard? Influencer marketing is the new “in” thing for marketers. The rise of social media has created a new kind of star—the influencer with a loyal and dedicated following. People with large social media followings on Instagram and other platforms wield a lot of influence with their followers.

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As a result, 75 percent of marketers are now allocating budget dollars to influencer marketing. Small agencies in particular are incorporating influencer marketing into their clients’ campaigns and overall marketing strategies. Most of them are using influencer marketing platforms to make this happen.

Why Choose Influencer Marketing?

Small agencies have many options when it comes to building campaigns for their clients. Influencer marketing is just one of those options, yet it’s often one of the best choices any company or agency can make.

Why? Influencer marketing has a return on investment 11 times higher than other traditional forms of digital marketing. Small investments can still boast big returns. Smaller agencies with more boutique and niche clients realize more success with influencer marketing strategies.

Moreover, influencer marketing is still in its infancy. It’s going to continue to grow over the coming years. Small agencies using it now will have a chance to develop expertise, which could help them compete and grow in the future.

The Importance of Influencer Marketing Platforms

One thing all marketers using an influencer strategy are aware of is the need to use an influencer marketing platform. Agencies big and small need to use a platform.

Why? It’s how influencers prefer to interact with brands. Relatively few influencers like to be approached directly by brands on social media or through email. They like the safety and ease of using an influencer marketing platform to manage their interactions with brands. They even discover new brands through these platforms.

How Small Agencies Benefit

Since influencers use and prefer to use influencer marketing platforms, every marketer needs to be using one. The size of the agency doesn’t affect how much you need to incorporate a platform into your influencer strategy

Small agencies, however, can realize some additional benefits. As a small firm, you don’t necessarily have the staff to sift through social media accounts and profiles to determine who is and isn’t an influencer. You may not have the resources to mine your clients’ customer databases or survey their customers about personalities they follow and trust.

How do you find influencers then? An influencer marketing platform is your absolute best bet.

Navigating a Brave New World

Some marketers and small agencies may not be overly familiar with the ins and outs of influencer marketing. That’s okay! This marketing strategy is still relatively new, and almost everyone is still learning.

That investment in learning may be what’s holding back your small agency. You might be hesitant to add influencer marketing to your clients’ campaigns and strategies because you’re not sure you can effectively pull it off.

The influencer marketing platform can help you here too. Whether you need a quick tutorial on the basics or you need a helping hand with devising and implementing influencer strategies, the experts behind these platforms can help you navigate the new world of influencer marketing. They’re with you every step of the way.

Instant Stats and Metrics

Some influencer marketing platforms incorporate metrics and statistics to help you determine how effective your campaigns and strategies are. With numbers, you can prove just how effective the strategy is.

As a small agency, you may not otherwise have the expertise you need to keep track of how your campaigns are measuring up.

With these reasons in hand, it’s easy to see why small agencies are using influencer marketing platforms!

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