Understanding How to Find Micro Influencers

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Social media has completely changed the way businesses advertise their service or product.

Traditionally, a flashy billboard or a celebrity endorsed commercial was the best route to increased sales.

This strategy has slowly lost effectiveness as people have decided that their phones are more interesting to look at.

However, it is difficult to market on social media because consumers have begun to trust advertisements less and less.

People are finding authenticity and branding a bigger selling point than a flashy ad.

So, how do you market to your niche in an increasingly tricky environment?

Microinfluencers are the future of marketing in the social media world.

Microinfluencers have a small following compared to top influencers that boast millions of followers, but their reach can be far greater.

Read on to learn about this economic marketing option, and how to find micro influencers for your business.

How To Find Micro Influencers: The Benefits

A micro influencer is almost any social media account that usually has more than 1,000 followers but less than 100,000 followers.

These influencers typically have a specific topic or niche that they advocate for on their platforms such as food, fashion, or travel.

The benefits of a micro influencer are that they are able to market to a particular niche in a human, friendly, and genuine way. It is likened to a personal review or recommendation rather than an advertisement. It’s even better when the influencer influencer has a successful blog as you can repurpose the content on social.

People trust these platforms more than they trust celebrity endorsements because they are seen as more authentic.

Better yet, a micro influencer has been shown to have higher engagements rates than there larger cousins, even though they do not have as many followers.

Lastly, micro influencers are much more affordable than alternatives, with 84% of them stating that they charge less than $250 for a sponsored Instagram post.

How to Find Microinfluencers

The first step after deciding to invest in micro influencers is to find them. It is important to research potential influencers to determine how well they fit your brand,

Also, forming a relationship with them typically is better than pushing your product.

These can be extremely selective platforms, regardless of the numbers. Most influencers try to choose brands that align with their beliefs and following.

Here’s how to find micro influencers in four different ways.

#1 Check Your Follower List

The most obvious place to look is the existing followers than your company has. There is likely to be multiple platforms that could align well with your company.

The match can usually be determined by looking at past postings, biography, and overall category.

It also is important about the location of the influencer, especially if the product or service you offer is in a particular area.

Regardless, the loyal followers of your brand tend to already view it positively, and therefore it is more likely for them to choose to work with you.

This strategy may not be quick, but it is a great place to start the search to grow the social media marketing side of your business.

#2 Use Relevant Hashtag Search

Hashtags are useful to consumers and businesses for the same reason: they cater to your interests.

The use of phrases and keywords in hashtags can allow you to customize your content easily.

This can be used to find influencers by searching hashtags that relate to your business,

For example, if you sell bracelets, it might be helpful to search jewelry, bracelets, and your brand name as potential words that could provide a prime micro influencer.

Keep in mind that this may require creative thought and time, but it has great potential on how to find micro influencers.

#3 Google Search

In terms of small businesses, one of the best options is to google “bloggers” in a geographic region.

The collaboration between small local bloggers and small to medium businesses is important because these influencers tend to have loyal followers.

In the search, try to narrow it down to bloggers that would help you engage your target audience the best.

Consider the brand and content that the blogger promotes on their platform, and whether their values match with that of your company.

Google search can also help to rank the influencers to help you decide on the best options for your business.

#4 Influencer Platforms

In learning how to find micro influencers, perhaps the most useful and promising option is influencer platforms.

These tools often can help you pick platforms with high levels of engagement and smaller followings. It also can help by sorting through micro-influencers brands as well.

Grin is one option for an influencer platform that does all the legwork for you. It provides an influencer database, influencer contact information, influencer stat and engagement, and much more.

The benefit of platforms is that these are almost all-inclusive and can help you at any level of the marketing process.

Once ideal influencers are found, multiple influencers, campaigns, and tasks can be managed easily through influencer marketing software

Platforms can allow you the resources you need to advance your businesses social media marketing to the next level.

Keep It Human

The reason that micro influencers work so well in the new marketing world is that consumers crave authenticity.

The point of influencers is to give your brand a face that your customers can relate to on a personal level.

Always keep in mind your target audience. The best way to market to them is to find someone that they can look to for support and relate with.

The investment in influencer campaigns is one that will pay off long-term, and grow the conversation around your brand.

The best part is, micro influencers are the cheaper alternative to mega influencers and celebrities.

Better yet, these campaigns tend to work just as well.

Check out Grin today to find the best micro influencers on social media through their in-house marketing software without breaking the budget.

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