Finding The Top YouTube Collaboration Forum

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Finding the top YouTube collaboration forum for your needs can be vital to your growth as a YouTuber. This is because, like everything else in life, YouTubers are more powerful in numbers than they are operating alone. In this article, we’ll be discussing four collaboration forums where you can find ideal collaborators.

Before we do that, we’re going to take a moment to talk about the importance of collaborations.

Why You Need Collaborations

Of course, if you’re newer to YouTube or the concept of collaboration, you may not know why you need collaborations in the first place.

Collaboration forums have a multitude of benefits you may not know.

Let’s take a moment to explore these benefits.

  • Audience sharing. When you make a collab video, the audience won’t just be the audience of your channel. It’s going to be their channel, too, and this often results in a wave pouring in of new subscribers for both parties that’ve found something they like. This makes collaborations mutually beneficial.
  • Less individual work in proportion to the finished product. Two sets of hands are better than one. Working together on a longer project will take less time for both of you, assuming you’re dividing the work evenly.
  • Making new friends. If you’re collaborating with someone, chances are you have common interests. This is a great way to meet new friends!
  • Long-term educational benefits. In addition to audience crossover and less work involved for big projects, there’s some insight that you can only get from a fellow content creator. Larger creators can tell you how to grow, while more experienced ones can give insight onto things like your comedic timing and your video editing. Both of you can learn a lot from each other, and this benefit shouldn’t be understated.

If you’re trying to find a YouTube collaboration forum, chances are you’re motivated by at least one of the benefits listed above. Let’s see if we can find one that’s right for you.

YouTube Collaboration Forum Options

YT Talk

YT Talk is a pretty big YouTube collaboration forum. It hosts a significantly large userbase and boasts a membership larger than pretty much any other YouTube forum there is. If you’re looking for collaborations, this is one of the best places to find it.

In addition to finding collaborations, general YouTube discussion goes on here as well. These forums are a great place to go to educate yourself on the latest discourse in the YouTube community, as well as to find ways to grow as a content creator.


TheYouTubeCommunity is a smaller YouTube collaboration forum, but it’s still quite active. On The YouTube Community, you can do alot of the same things that you can do on YT Talk. One benefit of this forum over the other is that the smaller user base means you’re more likely to get responses to particular topics and less likely to get lost in the flood of exponentially higher activity.

All that being said, there’s a few more options to cover.


Damnlag is named for the favorite excuse of gamers everywhere, and is fittingly a YouTube collaboration forum focused on introducing YouTube gamers to each other. There’s a wide variety of gaming-centric content creation discussion going on across the site, and it hosts a fairly large userbase that matches with the size of the gaming community on YouTube.

If you’re an up-and-coming gaming YouTuber, Damnlag is certainly a good choice. Unlike other forums, it’s almost primarily gaming-focused, which means you’re guaranteed to find at least a few kindred spirits.


Finally, there’s our app, Grin. Grin isn’t just a YouTube collaboration forum- it’s a YouTube collaboration community that you can use to contact and connect with content creators just like you from all over the world. Using Grin, you can find people for collaborations not only on YouTube, but other social media platforms, too (coming soon!).

In addition to our app, we also offer a blog and market. Our blog is populated with posts like these, where we give you advice on growing as a YouTuber and expanding your audience. Stay tuned to our blog for incoming new posts like this one, or just click here to browse our old posts.

Finally, there’s our Market. With our market, you can find creators offering shoutouts, collaborations, custom channel art, video editing work, audio work, and more. The Grin Marketplace is used to offer services to smaller YouTubers that they might not otherwise have access to.

In addition to YouTube services, we’re also expanding to others. This includes outlets like Snapchat,, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and more!

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