How to Run Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns (Updated November 2018)

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If it seems like everyone you know is doing influencer marketing these days, it’s because they are. A recent survey found around 37% of marketers have a dedicated budget for influencer marketing. The study also found that 84% of marketers find influencer marketing to be effective.

Of course, just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean everyone is doing it well! There are many people out there running rather poorly designed and executed influencer marketing campaigns. These campaigns aren’t nearly as successful as they could be.

How can you run top influencer marketing campaigns? Just follow some of these handy tips.

Understand Your Target Audience

One big problem marketers have with executing good campaigns is a lack of understanding of just who their target audiences are. When marketers don’t understand who purchases the product or service that they are selling, they end up partnering with inappropriate influencers.

How do you find your audience? First, identify the product or service you’re selling. Then envision the people who use or purchase this product. Survey your existing customers and mine your database to discover common characteristics about who buys your product. Compiling this information will help you discover just who you’re selling to.

Find the Right Influencer To Collaborate With

After you have a fair understanding of your target audience, the next step is to find influencers who can help you reach your target audience.

This is one of the most important steps in running an effective influencer marketing campaign. Even if you do everything else right, if you do not collaborate with the right influencers, it could all go to waste.

The first step in finding the right influencer is to make a list of influencers in your niche. You can do this by using influencer finding tools, such as BuzzSumo. You could also ask your existing customer base about who they follow and trust on social media. If you get the same answer a few times over, you should probably approach these people.

The next step is to find the ones who are best suited for your brand. You can look at their follower base, engagement levels, area of expertise, etc.

But the most important criterion is their relevance and strategic fit with your brand. The influencers you collaborate with should already be interested in topics related to your brand and products. If you select influencers who have all of the qualities, such as reach and engagement but who are not relevant for your brand, then it will be counterproductive.

An example of this would be a makeup company partnering with a health and fitness influencer. This person might use make-up, and there may be some overlap between their audience and the company’s customers, but they are still not relevant. A much more effective strategy would be to partner with a beauty influencer.

So, choose the right influencers who can spread your brand’s message effectively.

Connect with Influencers to Start Your Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The next step to running top influencer marketing campaigns is to actually connect with influencers. You can do the influencer outreach directly or via an influencer platform.

Build Your Relationship

The next step in building top influencer marketing campaigns is to build a relationship with influencers that you collaborate with. This includes managing relationships during your influencer campaign and even after it ends.

Top influencer marketing campaigns aren’t about paying someone to make a video saying how great your product is and then calling it a day. They’re about building an ongoing relationship with influencers and, ultimately, your customers.

While offering incentives, such as a free product in exchange for an honest review or royalties on the sales entered using a specific promo code on your website, is one way of building a relationship, there are other methods too.

You can invite the influencers to see how you do things in your product testing lab. Or you can team up with them to donate a portion of proceeds to a great cause. You can also send a message or comment on their posts, even after your collaboration is over.

There are many ways you can build a positive, ongoing relationship with influencers and their followers. In this day and age, relationship-building is marketing. You want to create personalized, ongoing relationships with your customers. Influencers might just be some of your best customers.

Building good relationships with influencers will help you in the long run. If they genuinely like your brand, they just might mention you in their posts for free. Influencer opinions really matter when customers look for product reviews and if several influencers like and endorse your brand, you will definitely benefit from it.

Mix It Up

When people think of influencer marketing, they usually think of gifting a free product to the influencer in exchange for a review. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to this activity alone.

The top influencer marketing campaigns require much more than that. Social media mentions and shout-outs are quick and easy ways for your influencers to promote your brand or a product. As mentioned, you can also involve them in contests, giveaways, or other types of promotions. You can also consider branded content and sponsored blog posts.

In short, there’s no shortage of activities you can use to engage your influencers! Get creative and create top influencer marketing campaigns as a result.


Designing top influencer marketing campaigns doesn’t need to be difficult. Get some help from an influencer marketing platform and watch top influencer marketing campaigns take shape.

If you have any other ideas for designing top influencer marketing campaigns, let us know in the comments below.

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