Top 15 Fitness Influencers of 2024 and Best Practices for Working with Them

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Influencer marketing has become a cornerstone of modern fitness brand strategies. It seamlessly combines the personal touch of word-of-mouth recommendations with the broad reach of celebrity endorsements. By leveraging the authenticity of fitness influencers, brands can build trust and connect more deeply with their audience, creating powerful and credible marketing campaigns.

Best practices for working with top fitness influencers

Before you start working with top fitness influencers, there are a few things you should be aware of. Let’s get into some best practices so you can get the most out of your efforts. 

1. Find the perfect fit. 

Think of finding the right fitness influencer like choosing a workout buddy. You want someone who shares your goals, values, and enthusiasm. Look for influencers whose audience aligns with your target market and who genuinely believe in your products. Authenticity resonates, and it’s a win-win when the influencer is as excited about your brand as you are!

2. Build genuine relationships.

Don’t just slide into their DMs with a generic pitch. Take the time to engage with their content, comment on their posts, and show that you’re genuinely interested in what they do. When you reach out, personalize your message and let them know why you think they’d be a great fit for your brand. Building a genuine relationship from the get-go sets the tone for a successful collaboration.

3. Invest in your partnerships.

It’s becoming far less likely for creators to accept free products in exchange for content. Influencer marketing has proven to be a highly effective strategy and creator rates are beginning to reflect that. Allocate a reasonable budget to compensate them fairly for their work. Remember, a well-compensated influencer is more likely to be enthusiastic, dedicated, and produce high-quality content that will benefit your brand in the long run.

4. Offer value, not just cash.

While monetary compensation is important, offering additional value can make your partnership stand out. Provide exclusive access to new products, invite them to events, or feature them in your marketing campaigns. Remember, it’s about creating a partnership where both parties feel valued and appreciated.

5. Be clear about expectations.

Fitness influencers are busy people, so clear communication is key. Outline your goals, deliverables, timelines, and any other specifics upfront. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps avoid any misunderstandings down the line. Transparency builds trust, and trust is the foundation of a great working relationship.

6. Encourage creativity.

You chose this influencer for their unique voice and style, so let them shine! Provide guidelines, but give them the creative freedom to present your brand in a way that feels authentic to their audience. Influencers know what resonates best with their followers, and their creativity can lead to more engaging and effective content.

6 fitness influencers

7. Leverage multiple channels.

Fitness influencers often have a strong presence across various platforms—Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, blogs, and more. Encourage them to share your content across multiple channels to maximize reach and engagement. Each platform offers different ways to connect with audiences, so diversify your approach for the best results.

8. Activate creators throughout the buyer journey. 

Ensure influencers support your brand at every stage of the buyer journey. Consistent endorsements build trust and guide consumers from awareness to purchase and beyond. This approach enhances engagement, fosters loyalty, and maximizes ROI by keeping your brand top-of-mind and nurturing customer relationships through comprehensive and authentic content.

9. Monitor and measure.

Keep track of the campaign’s performance through metrics like engagement rates, follower growth, website traffic, and sales. Use this data to understand what’s working and what’s not. It’s all about continuous improvement, so use these insights to refine your strategy and optimize future collaborations.

10. Show appreciation.

A little appreciation goes a long way. Recognize and thank your influencers publicly and privately for their hard work and contribution. This could be through shoutouts on your social media, a personalized thank-you note, or even a small gift. Building a positive and appreciative relationship can lead to long-term partnerships.

 11. Stay compliant.

Make sure your campaigns comply with advertising regulations and disclose partnerships transparently. Influencers should use appropriate hashtags like #ad or #sponsored to ensure compliance and maintain trust with their audience. Staying compliant protects both your brand and the influencer.

Top female fitness influencers

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is a household name in the fitness world, known for her Bikini Body Guides and the Sweat app. Her high-intensity workout programs have inspired millions globally. Her content is consistently engaging, featuring transformative fitness journeys and practical workout tips.

Kayla’s followers trust her deeply due to her years of providing effective and transformative fitness programs. Partnering with her can enhance your brand’s credibility and reach, particularly in markets focused on high-intensity and transformative fitness. 

Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho is the founder of Blogilates and POP Pilates, known for her energetic and accessible workout routines. She has a dedicated community that loves her positive and inclusive approach to fitness.

Cassey’s content spans fitness, lifestyle, and wellness, making her a versatile partner for various fitness and health brands. Her ability to create engaging and educational content ensures that her followers are not just passive viewers but active participants in their fitness journeys.

Emily Skye

Emily Skye combines fitness with mental health advocacy, making her a well-rounded influencer. Her content ranges from intense workout routines to motivational posts about postpartum fitness and body positivity.

Emily’s realistic and relatable approach to fitness makes her a trusted voice among her followers. Partnering with Emily can help your brand tap into a community that values both physical and mental well-being.

Massy Arias

Massy Arias is a certified health coach and fitness trainer with a strong focus on strength training and holistic wellness. Her content often includes motivational and educational elements.

Massy’s influence extends beyond fitness into overall wellness, making her an excellent ambassador for brands aiming to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Her approach to fitness is comprehensive, addressing both physical and mental health, which aligns well with brands looking to market holistic health products. 

Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow is a fitness influencer and entrepreneur known for her fitness programs and activewear line. She exemplifies hard work and dedication in the fitness industry.

Tammy’s extensive reach and entrepreneurial spirit make her a powerful partner for fitness brands looking to connect with a large, motivated audience. Her ability to balance business and fitness content provides a multifaceted platform for promoting products. 

Top male fitness influencers

Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda is renowned for his dedication to natural bodybuilding and his motivational content. His posts offer practical tips on workout routines, nutrition, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Simeon’s immense following and deep engagement rates make him a powerhouse in the fitness world. His motivational and educational content resonates well with audiences looking for authentic fitness advice, making him an excellent partner for brands aiming to inspire and educate their customers​.

Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead, a Classic Physique Mr. Olympia champion, is celebrated for his incredible physique and charismatic presence. His content ranges from training routines to nutrition and personal life updates, providing a comprehensive look into his fitness journey.

Chris’s authentic connection with his audience and his status as a top competitor make him a highly influential figure. Brands partnering with Chris can leverage his credibility and extensive reach to promote products effectively, especially those related to bodybuilding and sports nutrition​.

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks, known as The Body Coach, focuses on making fitness and nutrition accessible to everyone. His content includes quick, effective workouts and easy-to-follow meal plans, which have garnered a dedicated global following.

Joe’s practical approach to fitness and nutrition, combined with his engaging personality, makes him an ideal partner for brands aiming to promote healthy lifestyles. His ability to break down complex fitness concepts into manageable tips ensures high engagement and trust from his audience.

Ulisses Jr.

Ulisses Jr. is admired for his impressive physique and dedication to fitness. His content is a mix of workout tips, motivational posts, and personal insights into his training regimen.

Ulisses’s dedication to fitness and his ability to connect with his followers make him a valuable partner. His high engagement rates and inspirational content can help brands connect with fitness enthusiasts looking for serious workout advice and inspiration​.

Jeremy Buendia

Jeremy Buendia is a four-time Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique champion known for his blend of athleticism and aesthetics. He openly shares his fitness journey, including both his victories and struggles, fostering a genuine connection with his followers.

Jeremy’s candid approach to sharing his fitness journey builds a strong rapport with his audience. Brands can benefit from his authenticity and high engagement, particularly those in the fitness and health industries looking to promote products that resonate with a dedicated fitness community.

Top TikTok fitness influencers

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is a body positivity advocate and yoga teacher known for her inclusive approach to fitness. Her content focuses on making yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of body type or fitness level.

Partnering with Jessamyn can help your brand reach a diverse audience and promote a message of inclusivity. Her authentic and relatable content resonates deeply with followers looking for genuine fitness inspiration and encouragement​​.

Jesse James West 

Jesse James West combines fitness with humor, making his content not only informative but also highly entertaining. His unique approach to fitness content helps him stand out and keeps his audience engaged.

Jesse’s ability to blend humor with fitness makes him a relatable and influential figure. Partnering with him can bring a fun and engaging element to your brand, making fitness approachable and enjoyable for a broader audience.

Rose Njoku

Rose Njoku offers both beginner and advanced workout routines, sharing her personal fitness gains to motivate her followers. Her content includes practical fitness tips and inspirational posts.

Rose’s relatable journey and motivational content can help your brand connect with followers who are on their own fitness journeys. Her practical advice and genuine engagement make her a trusted figure in the fitness community​​.

Erin Azar

I forgot about these kind of important details after not running longer than 30 minutes the last year or so! I definitely notice the effects of the heat and humidity a lot more if I don’t have my fuel and hydration dialed in. What are you all using?! What should I try?? #runfuel #running #summerrunning

♬ original sound – Mrs. Space Cadet

Erin Azar, also known as Mrs. Space Cadet, is a self-proclaimed “struggle runner” who shares her running experiences and challenges. Her candid and humorous approach to fitness makes her content highly engaging.

Erin’s authentic storytelling and approachable style can help your brand connect with everyday fitness enthusiasts. Her content inspires followers to start and stick with their fitness goals, no matter their starting point​.

The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall, known as The Fitness Marshall, is famous for his dance-based workout routines that are both fun and effective. His infectious energy and inclusive approach have earned him a loyal following.

Caleb’s dance workouts appeal to a wide audience, including those who might find traditional workouts intimidating. Partnering with him can help your brand reach a diverse and engaged audience looking for enjoyable ways to stay fit​.

Key takeaway: Leverage fitness influencers to give your brand the boost it needs. 

Ready to make some serious gains on your next campaign. Look no further than fitness influencers. With these best practices and examples of creators to model your roster after, you should have everything you need to build a solid foundation with these all-star marketing gurus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kayla Itsines is perhaps the most popular fitness influencer right now, with nearly 16 million followers on Instagram alone. 

The income of fitness influencers can vary widely based on their follower count, engagement rates, and types of collaborations. On average, fitness influencers can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 per year, but top influencers with millions of followers can make significantly more, often exceeding $500,000 annually through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and product sales​.

Thibaud Delapart is one of the biggest male fitness influencers right now, with nearly 10 million followers on Instagram. 

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