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When most people think about leading visual channels, Instagram is what often comes to mind. But the truth is that Pinterest has always been hovering just under the surface of nearly every leading social channel.

In fact, an increasing number of ecommerce brands are tracking enormous consumer activity on Pinterest. For more than a decade, Pinterest has become the social media equivalent of the modern-day vision board.

It’s no wonder that Pinterest influencers aren’t just generating high conversion numbers, but they are also driving web traffic for the brands that they choose to promote.

Influencer marketing on pinterest

What are Pinterest’s top content features?

More so than in any other social channel, consumers and professionals use Pinterest to build wish lists, idea repositories, and to post original content.

When a user sees an image that they like, they can save that image and “pin it” to a board. Users can label their boards however they choose. Pinterest embraces the “pin” branding with pin icons, imitating the physical act of pinning one’s favorite images to a bulletin board.

Among the other Pinterest features that give digital marketers more creative options are:

  • View Similar Products
  • More Like This Content
  • Digital Price Tags (Shoppable Images)
  • Hyperlinked Image Posts

Which industries get the most out of Pinterest influencers?

Any industry that benefits from visual content can generate significant ROI from Pinterest influencers. Particularly when an influencer showcases a product, marketers can employ digital price tags and outbound links to increase conversions and drive web traffic.

Increased web traffic is one of the main reasons why many bloggers invest so much of their time on Pinterest. As such, most Pinterest influencers are also prolific bloggers.

Among the leading industries that are enjoying success with Pinterest influencers are:

Pinterest Influencer Marketing Brand Examples

Pinterest’s “pin it” feature makes visual content easier to share and engage. Similarly, Pinterest images are simple to hyperlink to key webpages, such as a promotional blog or product description page. This combination makes it ideal for influencers to promote the products that they love.

For example, Sugar Love Chic showcased BECCA Cosmetics and linked the image to her blog,
BECCA Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector REVIEW.” The blog featured additional product images, along with best use cases and backlinks to BECCA’s online store.

Many influencers use products in their photos, such as furniture and home decor pieces. Brands can collaborate with influencers to add digital price tags and links to product description pages. Additionally, Pinterest allows users to “view similar products” or see a brand’s Pinterest store.

In the Wander Her Way example above, female travel blogger Dale linked her Pinterest image to a listicle of her top 15 favorite passport holders. Each passport holder included a quick review and a link to the brand’s product description page.

Top 10 Pinterest Influencers

1. Kath Younger

Other social channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and

Followers: 14,500

Monthly Views: 3.1 million

Boards: 85

Kath Younger began blogging to inform those interested in health and nutrition. She has grown her audience to include moms, mindful eaters, fitness enthusiasts, and even small business owners that want to organize their lives.

The majority of Kath’s original Pinterest content includes simple (yet delicious!) recipes. But you will also find the occasional post on skincare, workouts, and home organization.

2. Dale, Wander Her Way

Other social channels:

Followers: 4,700

Monthly Views: 3.3 million

Boards: 85

Dale left corporate America so that she could (literally) see the world. She launched the Wander Her Way brand to journal her international adventures and share great tips for females that want to travel around the globe safely.

Dale organizes her Pinterest boards by location with special emphasis on Disney theme parks, Latin America, and European vacation ideas. She also creates content for aspiring travel bloggers and conscientious packers.

3. Krista Perez, Sugar Love Chic

Other social channels: Instagram, Facebook, and

Followers: 22,500

Monthly Views: 5.9 million

Boards: 43

Krista Perez, a Florida native, loves bright, sunny fashion. She began lifestyle blogging nearly a decade ago and now offers some of the finest casual fashion ideas on Pinterest.

In the last few years, Krista has expanded her Sugar Love Chic brand to include beauty product reviews, cooking recipes, and home decor inspirations. Also, she and her husband are avid dog lovers, so you’re likely to see content featuring her pets.

4. Louise Myers

Other social channels: and Instagram

Followers: 63,500

Monthly Views: 2.7 million

Boards: 36

Louise Myers is a prolific social media graphic designer and key opinion leader. Each of her memes are fun, positive, and compelling. Additionally, she’s got a great eye for visual content in general – even if she didn’t make it herself.

Pinterest followers can use Louise’s account to understand what makes good visual content, as well as get great ideas to promote their small or large businesses online using images, memes, infographics, and videos.

5. Chantal, Nerdy Momma

Other social channels:

Followers: 102,600

Monthly Views: over 10 million

Boards: 126

Chantal runs the NerdyMamma brand with her mom, Darlene. She is most known for her “mommy blogs,” but Chantal has many more talents, including crafting, cooking, and uncovering genius life hacks.

The Nerdy Momma Pinterest channel is great for DIYers, full-time parents, and even aspiring bloggers. Each board is full of easy-to-follow directions, cutouts, before/after images, and so much more.

6. Barb Davis

Other social channels:

Followers: 44,200

Monthly Views: 603,400

Boards: 233

If you are a fan of classy, modern, and chic, then you’ll adore Barb Davis. As a fashion and design blogger, Barb has created a whopping 200+ Pinterest boards for those that enjoy shades of black, white, and gray on their walls or person.

7. Kim, UKWordGirl

Other social channels:, Instagram, and Twitter

Followers: 2,400

Monthly Views: 205,700

Boards: 54

While Kim is active on several social media channels, she is most famous on Pinterest as UKWordGirl. Kim is fairly new to the world of blogging and social media (compared to her Pinterest peers), but her popularity is growing fast. She even recently launched her own YouTube channel.

UKWordGirl is primarily a blogger and social media expert. Her Pinterest content features engaging memes, social media tips, and beginner guides to SEO.

8. Hervé Mouyal

Other social channels: Paris Photographer, Instagram, and Facebook

Followers: 9,6000

Monthly Views: 5.1 million

Boards: 37

Hervé Mouyal produces stunning photography from some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. At first, he nurtured his passion privately while touring the streets of Paris. Before long, Hervé was accepting commissions for lifestyle family vacation shoots in the city, along with commercial contracts for hotels and restaurants.

Mr. Mouyal’s Pinterest boards include photoshoots from many international destinations, as well as beauty product photos and portrait tutorials.

9. Tarahlynn, GrandmasHouseDIY

Other social channels:, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Followers: 38,100

Monthly Views: 4.8 million

Boards: 30

A year ago, Tarahlynn inherited the task of renovating “ grandma’s 100 year old farmhouse.” Today, she is a DIY master and founder of the GrandmasHouseDIY brand. While Tarahlynn is prolific on several social channels, Pinterest is where she stores and organizes all her great ideas.

GrandmasHouseDIY shows aspiring DIYers and interior designers how to recycle old furniture, decor, and materials to create truly amazing renovations on a low budget.

10. Frank Medrano

Other social channels:, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

Followers: 4,9000

Monthly Views: over 10 million

Boards: 4

Frank Medrano is a well-known personal trainer on YouTube and Instagram. But not as many brands are aware of his Pinterest activity. Frank drives incredible monthly traffic on his modest selection of pic-by-pic tutorials on body weight exercises.

Conclusion: Leveraging Pinterest influencers can add a whole new visual dimension to your social media strategy.

If you’ve already put Instagram to good use for your social media and influencer marketing, then expanding your program to include Pinterest is a no-brainer. You can gain access to a wide selection of blogger influencers and drive traffic to your website at the same time. More importantly, Pinterest users can include your products when adding inspiration to their Boards.

Updated: March 2024

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