The Complete Guide to Successful Influencer Management

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Like any kind of marketing, creating effective influencer marketing campaigns requires hard. There are many pieces of the puzzle that need to be managed.

The first part is searching and finding influencers to help you market your brand. The second part is engaging with those influencers and creating relationships with them. Once you’ve built partnerships, you need to continue to manage your influencers.

Influencer management is critical. Here’s how to get it right.

Make Your Expectations Clear

Constant communication with your influencers is important to ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to the desired outcomes of the partnership.

The influencer will create the content, but you should make your expectations clear. Does your new product roll out on a certain day? If so, the promotion requires a specific time frame. Is there a particular hashtag you want them to use or a website you want them to direct people to?

All of this needs to be discussed so that your influencers understand what’s expected of them.

Influencer Management Requires Analytics

You need to be able to track what your influencers are doing for you. This means tracking your return on investment (ROI). Every hashtag, promo code, or website link that you give to your influencers should be tracked using analytics. Analytics are metrics that allow you to understand more about your customers. You can see where in the world people are accessing your site, what hashtags are most effective, or what promo codes are most often used.

In terms of influencer management (especially if you have more than one influencer) you can use a specific promo code per influencer, for example, to see which influencer brings more people to your website.

With analytics, you’re able to gather data on the effectiveness of your influencers. Then according to that data, you can adjust your marketing approach as you see fit.

Help Your influencers

Using influencer marketing is a two-way street. While an influencer is promoting your brand and products, you also need to be helping them. This could mean featuring them on your social media profiles or even having them take over one of your social media profiles for the day. It gives them more exposure and gets you more people looking at your feed.

This is a great management tool because it also keeps your influencers engaged with you. They can see the benefit of partnering with you, and that helps you in the long run.

Regularly Meet with Your Influencers

It’s important to regularly meet with your influencers and check in on the work they’re doing for you. Meeting regularly ensures that if either one of you has a problem, you can address it quickly and effectively. It’s also a time when you can compare notes and discuss the success of a campaign or brainstorm how you can both make it better in the future. Like in any relationship, communication is imperative.

Successful influencer management is not hard, but like anything, it takes time and commitment. It’s important to keep lines of communication open in order to be successful and to keep the relationship healthy

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