How to Find the Best Travel Influencer to Promote Your Brand (Upgrade March 2019)


Anyone who works in the travel industry knows how competitive it is. From big brands to local businesses, everyone wants to attract and retain more customers. It is one of the biggest industries in the world with a global economic contribution of over $7.6 trillion

If you want your services or products to stand out, you need to make sure that they’re truly great, and you need to promote them well. Travel influencers can help you showcase your services or products to a huge audience and even drive more sales.While reaching out to them, you should write compelling email copies.

Travel influencers can promote your business in various creative ways – giveaways, contests, reviews of the experiences you offer, and more. The best part about working with a travel influencer is that you can advertise your brand without being overly promotional.

Influencers’ expertise and knowledge in their niches make their opinions trustworthy. If you want to work with travel influencers to grow your business, here are a few strategies that can help you find them.

1. Research Hashtags

The first step in a successful influencer marketing strategy is to find the right influencers. But how do you find relevant ones? By using the right hashtags. Think of some popular hashtags that travel influencers are likely to use and search for them.

Some of the most common hashtags used are #travel, #travelblogger, #travelgram, #travelholic, #travelguide, and #travelers. However, many of them also use hashtags like #passionpassport, #passportready, or #sheisnotlost.

To find influencers who share similar values as your brand, make a list of hashtags that are related to your brand. For example, if your brand focuses on family travel experiences, you should search for something like #familytravel. To make your job of finding relevant hashtags easier, there are a number of apps available. You can even use Google Trends to find the top trending hashtags.

Research Hashtags instagram

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Once you search for a hashtag, you’ll see the top posts for that hashtag followed by the most recent posts. Among them, look for people who have a large number of followers and high engagement rates. Go through their content (even their sponsored posts) and if you like what you see, make a list of those users.

The best influencer marketing campaigns are those in which a brand’s values are in sync with those of their influencers. If an influencer is passionate about a cause that your brand supports, your collaborative efforts will exude honesty and authenticity.

Christina Vidal instagram

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OMNIA Bali teamed up with travel influencer Christina Vidal, who shares their passion for luxury travel. No wonder why the above post has received more than 2,000 likes on Instagram.

2. Find Similar Accounts on Instagram

Once you have found a few travel influencers using hashtags on Instagram, start following them. This has two advantages. First, you will be able to put yourself on their radar if you follow and engage with their content.

And second, when you follow them, you should automatically be able to see a list of accounts similar to theirs. You can see such a list at any time by clicking on the arrow next to the “Follow” button on their profile. Of course, this button will read “Following” after you’ve followed them.


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This is another great way to find more travel influencers. Follow the same process described earlier and check their follower counts, engagement, and content quality to vet them.

3. Blogger Outreach

Finding a travel influencer on social media is comparatively easy. It’s more complicated to find travel influencers who are also bloggers. However, the rewards you can reap by collaborating with them are lucrative.

You can get more brand visibility along with backlinks to your own website. This can also drive more traffic to your website and improve your SEO. Most travel bloggers have a solid social media presence too. So you can reach their blog as well as social media followers. There are dual advantages of this influencer marketing strategy.

To find travel blogs, run a few simple Google searches and go through the results. For example, “things to do in [location], ” “where to stay in [location], ” or “top tips for planning a trip to [location].” Doing this manually will require time and patience, but it will be worth it. If you want to grow your travel business, you need to spend some time to find relevant travel bloggers.


Image via ThePlanetD

If you’re able to find some blogs in your search results, check out the kind of content that they create, especially the sponsored posts. You can get quite a few content ideas by looking at their previous work. However, make sure that you don’t copy exactly what your competitors might have done. Come up with ideas to showcase your unique selling proposition (USP).

Make a list of the bloggers you’d like to reach out to. Check out their blogs and social media statistics. Do they have many comments on their blog posts and social media posts? Are people saying positive things about them? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a travel influencer to team up with.

Once you have zeroed in on your favorite travel influencers, it’s time to reach out to them for collaboration. However, you should write compelling email copies that can appeal to them.

When you reach out to them, you can pitch content ideas, but make sure you are open to their ideas too. They are experts in their field who create content consistently. Trust them to know what will work best for your campaign.

4. Use Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you can keep track of certain keywords that are related to your brand. Whenever such a keyword is mentioned on the web, you will get an alert. This is an easy way to find more of them.

Google Alerts

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You can filter your alerts by region, sources, and language. And you can set the frequency of such alerts too. You can choose between once a day, once a week, or as it happens. To get the best results, create separate alerts for similar keywords.

You might want to include your brand name as a keyword too. This way, you’ll be able to find posts where your brand has been mentioned.

Once you set up alerts for specific keywords, an email will be sent to you whenever they are mentioned. This strategy requires very little effort, but the results are really helpful.

5. Use Influencer Marketing Platforms

Finding relevant influencers manually requires a lot of research and is very time-consuming. Here’s where influencer marketing tools and platforms can help you. Most of them have a huge database of influencers which you can filter to find the ones you need.

Grin can help you filter your results based on location, category, followers, age, and other demographics. We have a massive database of verified influencers along with their contact information. You can contact them easily, run and track your campaign progress, make payments, and even send products directly to influencers.

If you are looking for quick results, influencer marketing platforms are your best friend. If you work with multiple travel influencers, Grin can make the process of managing them much easier.

6. Use Our List of Top Travel Influencers

To give you a headstart in your search to find a travel influencer for your brand, here’s a list of top travel influencers to get you started:

Louise Cole (FunForLouise)

He is a popular travel influencer and vlogger with 2 million subscribers on YouTube. He posts daily travel vlogs on his YouTube channel, FunForLouise, where he tells stories of his travels across the globe. He is also very popular on Instagram, where he has 1.3 million followers.

Louise Cole

Image viaYouTube

The Bucket List Family

This family of five runs a popular travel channel on YouTube and have a successful Instagram page. They have 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 658k subscribers on YouTube.

They sold everything that they had and set out for a travel adventure around the world. They tell their travel stories both with videos and social media posts. They have a very high engagement rate and get hundreds of thousands of views and likes on their content.

The Bucket List Family

Image viaInstagram

Murad Osmann

Murad and his wife, Nataly, became an overnight sensation and popular travel influencers after one of their photos went viral.

The photo was that of Nataly pulling him towards a wall. That photo became viral and that started off the couple’s famous photo series #followmeto project. Murad now has a massive Instagram following of 4.2 million people.

Murad Osmann

Image viaInstagram

Chris Burkard

He is a travel influencer who is known for his scenic photography. Instead of getting his travel pictures taken by other people, like several other influencers, he prefers to be behind the camera.

He has 3.3 million followers on Instagram and is a well-known influencer in the travel industry.

Chris Burkard

Image viaInstagram

Jennifer Tuffen

She is a luxury travel and lifestyle influencer with a massive Instagram following of 2.7 million people. She is a British travel content creator and writer who posts beautiful pictures of her travels and luxury stays.

She gets tens of thousands of likes on her pictures and has an engaged audience.

Jennifer Tuffen

Image viaInstagram

Jack Morris

He is a popular Instagramer with 2.7 million followers. He lives his life travelling the globe and shares his pictures and experiences on Instagram. His Instagram feed has a high engagement rate and get tens of thousands of likes on each post.

Jack Morris

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These are just some of the numerous travel influencers that you can collaborate with to promote your brand. Take your pick and get started on your next influencer campaign.

Final Thoughts

Travel is not only one of the largest industries in the world, but also very competitive. The right travel influencers can make sure that your business gets noticed among the thousands of brands out there. Follow the strategies mentioned above to find the best the best of them and take your business to new heights.

Ready to start building your roster of travel influencers?