Product Seeding 101

GRIN also recommends the Influencer Marketing Budget Toolkit which includes: Influencer Payments Cheat Sheet + Budget Calculator + Negotiations Checklist

product seeding 101

If you have an influencer marketing program in place, product seeding can amplify your efforts and really increase your ROI. Never heard of product seeding or influencer gifting? We break down exactly how to run an influencer marketing program with product seeding and slim down your margins to create revenue success. To learn how it works read our product seeding guide or check out our step by step infographic to help guide you through getting started with product seeding and influencer gifting.

product seeding 101

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What the best brands are doing to drive revenue from influencer marketing

Whether you are just getting started with influencer marketing or already have your program in place, this guide gives you the tools to get the return on investment your C-level will love.