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Katya marketing manager grin influencer marketing software

Katya Allison

Director of Marketing Content at GRIN

Using Promo Codes to Drive Conversions

In this episode:

Mallory Whitmore

Marketing Manager at SlumberPod

Mallory Whitmore oversees SlumberPod’s affiliate and influencer marketing program. 

A mother-daughter team founded SlumberPod, naming the brand after its signature product. Their portable canopies provide a separate, dark, and safe space for babies and toddlers. Moms everywhere can share a room with their little one while enjoying less stress and more rest.

Using Promo Codes to Drive Conversions Special Q&A Session from Brands Working Remote Talking Influencers with SlumberPod
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How One Brand Built Their Influencer Program by Leveraging Discount Codes for Increased Revenue

“When we switched to a goal of wanting conversions, we introduced promo codes to everybody so that we could track who was most successful in meeting that goal.” – Mallory Whitmore

Discount codes are an awesome way to bring in sales for your products, attract new customers, and track the success of your influencers. Many brands are scared to use discount codes because they fear discounts will be abused and undercut profits. 

But SlumberPod has figured out how to use the power of discount codes to level up their marketing strategy and grow their bottom line significantly.

Using Promo Codes to Drive Conversions

Breakdown of the GRIN Gets Real SlumberPod Q&A Episode

Influencer performance tracking is a major difficulty for marketers. Slumberpod hacked this challenge using discount codes through GRIN and offering their influencers a commission.

But in order to make this strategy work for them, the brand had to choose their influencers carefully.

“We figured out who our ideal customer is, and then we looked at who interacts with our ideal customer the most. We found these people that were working with our ideal customer already, and it was sort of an obvious fit.” – Mallory Whitmore

After establishing a sound vetting process, the marketing team took careful steps to earn trust and cooperation with their influencers using practical guidelines.

“It’s helpful that we make our payment policy very clear on the application so that people only apply if they’re interested in the commission model.” – Mallory Whitmore

Mallory goes into detail about each of these program tasks, as well as:

  • Managing inbound influencer requests
  • Creating campaign workflows
  • Tracking sales and influencer payments
  • Best practices for discount codes on blogs and social media

Quotes from This Episode

Using Promo Codes to Drive Conversions Special Q&A Session from Brands Working Remote Talking Influencers with SlumberPod“The great thing is that the majority of our influencers approach us. That means they are familiar with our brand and are able to articulate what they like about the product, our brand, and why they want to work with us.”


“With so much of the application process streamlined through GRIN, we can prioritize having a conversation with the prospective influencer and get to know them before moving forward.”


“We pretty much let our influencers run with their own creativity. All we provide are a set of collaboration guidelines for them, and during the proposal period they have to agree to follow those guidelines. The guidelines give them some parameters of what to include, what to avoid, and how to tag us.”


“I use the progress feature in the campaign workroom [in GRIN] and segment with tags based on who is new and who has received their product.  I also use the relationship management tool to keep track of who is in talks versus who’s been onboarded versus who still needs outreach or whatever else.”

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