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email marketing integrated with influencer marketing grin blogs

How to Integrate Influencer Marketing with Email Marketing

As brands become more familiar with influencers, many marketers are finding ways ...
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how to integrate influencer marketing with your seo strategy grin blog

How to Integrate Influencer Marketing With Your SEO Strategy

Influencers do more than drive sales. Marketers are finding more and more ...
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online shopping for dtc brands

Top 5 Ways DTC Brands Can Stay Ahead Of The Competition

eCommerce would not be where it is today without big names like ...
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What DTC Brands Need to Know About Selling on Amazon

Amazon is quickly becoming a destination for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands looking to ...
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influencer marketing predicitions 2021 with industry experts

State of Influencer Marketing in 2021 Predictions from Industry Experts

At the Grin Gets Real Podcast we’ve had the opportunity to talk ...
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Top 5 Ways to Personalize Your Customer's Shopping Experience for Ecommerce

Top 5 Ways to Personalize Your Customer’s Shopping Experience for Ecommerce

When it comes to personalization, in-person showrooms appear to have a “one-up” ...
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2020 State of Influencer Marketing Report

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   How to Set your Influencer Marketing Budget
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   0 to 100 Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

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How to get ROI from Influencer Marketing

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