affiliate marketing vs influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Influencer marketing allows direct-to-consumer brands to collaborate with social media influencers and ...
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product seeding 101

Product Seeding 101

If you have an influencer marketing program in place, product seeding can ...
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integrate influencer marketing with social media marketing

How to Integrate your Influencer Marketing into your Social Media Strategy

Developing a compelling social media strategy is both time-consuming and highly effective. ...
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keep influencer campaigns fresh

Tips & Tricks to Keep Influencer Campaigns Fresh

More marketers and D2C brands are trying influencer marketing than ever before. ...
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authentic influencer-generated content

Authentic Influencer-Generated Content

Influencer marketing is close to a $10 billion dollar industry. The rapid ...
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influencer reporting platform what metrics do you need

Influencer Reporting Platform – which metrics do you need?

Here at GRIN, our passion is helping your influencer marketing team lose ...
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