How to manage dozens of influencers on your campaigns

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It’s one thing to decide that you want influencer marketing, but selling the idea internally, getting the requisite budget, and assembling a team allocated to assist its function is a challenge in itself.

Managing a team of influencers carries its own set of duties that may be more difficult to accomplish than expected. Collective enthusiasm and team involvement aside, poor management over your team of influencers can lead to missed opportunities, offended influencers, and depressing metrics.

Don’t be discouraged – managing influencers is not an impossible job and can be properly executed using reliable tactics, a few of which are listed below.

  1. Influencers are not your employees; treat them with the respect and care of a client.
  2. Be very detailed in setting up the standard operating procedures for simple processes and interactions with them.
  3. Create and manage an effective tracking system for the influencer and their content.
  4. Outline your performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives on a page so that they are clear to the influencers.

The one thing that stands out is that all four of the above emphasize on keeping the job simple. If you think managing an organization is tough, the addition of 20-25 influencers can be a dizzying transition if they aren’t properly engaged.

Failing to manage influencers properly may result in the loss of your precious time spent on organization, rather than enjoying the benefits of a group that can essentially manage itself.

Influencers are not your employees; treat them with the respect and care of a client.

By far, the most important tactic in managing influencers is to differentiate them from contributors. They are not your employees; rather, they choose to work with you and can opt out of it at any time.

Influencers are appreciated for their creativity, strong web presence, and loyal audience. Unfortunately, this independence also makes them difficult to manage. Influencers know how to do their job, and a heavy-handed management style might only serve to diminish their productivity and satisfaction.

Treat Influencers like you treat your clients. Simple actions, like going out of your way to compliment their work, can go a long way and make them feel valued as a part of your team. Always remember that an influencer works with you, not beneath you, and their wealth of knowledge is most accessible through a relationship of mutual respect and understanding.

Be very detailed in setting up interactions between the two parties.

Humans have a tendency to make things more complicated than they really are. The same goes for influencer marketing: over time, it can be simplified into a relatively small number of processes. The best way to streamline any procedure is to determine goals and focus on meeting them specifically, in order to reduce the possibility of complicating how things should be done.

Create and manage an effective tracking system for the influencer and their content.

The simplest way to keep track of influencers and the content they produce is to organize the data in an Excel sheet. Giving each influencer his or her own page in a collective document is easier to manage than saving a new file for every individual.

Add columns that match the breadth of information you need to keep track of, whether it’s contact information or budget management. Keeping these separate for each influencer makes things as clear as possible in terms of monthly expenses.

Consider partnering with an agency

A digital marketing agency can be a very valuable addition to your influencer strategy as they can work with software such as ours to take the work out of identifying, converting and getting content out through your influencers on a regular basis. A good digital agency will be able to deliver a self-funding campaign. When it comes to influencer marketing, we’ve heard very good things about Imaginaire Digital in the UK.

Outline your KPIs and objectives on a page so that they are clear to the influencers.

This page will be referred to as your strategy deck. Strategy decks can be fairly complicated, but can be simplified by limiting their length to a page and making sure that the company’s objectives are understood by all parties involved. This document can act as a good point of reference for people looking to undertake future projects.

These are just a few of the possible strategies in working with influencers. At Grin, we’ve automated almost all of these tedious processes. We have a simple workroom that allows customers to manage interactions with dozens of influencers at once. You can send requirements, track content, release payments and more.

If you’re interested in executing high-impact influencer campaigns, be sure to book a demo of Grin today to see us in action.

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