Not Your Mother’s Ads: How to Leverage Mom Influencers in Your Marketing Strategy

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Mom knows best when it comes to creating content that resonates with consumers. Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, “momfluencers” can make you laugh and cry and introduce you to products you never even knew you needed. 

Here’s a look at what it takes to be a “momfluencer,” the content that works best for their variety of niches, and the top mom influencers you should be following right now. 

What is a ‘mom influencer?’

Mom influencers are some of the web’s most relatable content creators. Momfluencers can be any age and produce content catered to other moms (or dads) at any stage of the parenting journey. 

Since anyone can be a mom, there is truly no limit to the types of companies that can find success partnering with momfluencers. Those who find the right brand-aligned creators to insert into their marketing mix gain access to a devoted audience that looks to their favorite creators for parenting inspiration and honest product endorsements. 

A mom influencer making sandwiches with her two kids

Some of the most popular niches for mom influencers include (but are not limited to):

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What type of content works best for mom influencers?

Baby registry must-haves

@thehalliescene *more like two months now* but life with a newborn means I’m always late 🙃 #babyproducts #babyregistry #newmom #firsttimemom #newborn ♬ original sound – Hallie

Social media moms love sharing baby product ideas with their followers online, including items they wish they had (or wish they didn’t have) listed on their baby registry. This type of content is a great way to showcase multiple products at once and offer some valuable advice to new and expecting mothers.

Product reviews

New moms put a lot of time and research into buying products for their babies. In-depth product reviews offer the perfect opportunity for creators to dive deep into a product, show all its potential uses, and decide if it’s right for their followers. Brands who can get their merchandise in the hands of creators who do this well are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on a captive audience.  

Declutter with me

Kids have a special knack for making messes. They also grow like weeds, leaving piles of outgrown clothes in their wake. Some moms invite their followers to “declutter with them” and help them live a less stressful, minimalist lifestyle. 

Easy recipe inspiration

@justthebells10 Family of 10 #Bigfamilycooking #bigfamily #dinnerwithme #castiron #familygoals ♬ I Can Feel It (Christmas Instrumental) – Nick Sena and Danny Echevarria

If there’s one thing kids are better at than making messes, it’s eating ridiculous amounts of food. Many moms have become pros at preparing enough food to feed an army, and brands partnering with them have a golden opportunity to show how their products can make life easier for everyone. 

Pack with me (baby edition)

@schultzzie pack with me for baby! #packwithme ♬ BARELY BREATHING – Grant Averill

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t still hit the road with your little one. There are plenty of TikTok moms who do it right and show their fans how to pack up only the necessities when going on a weekend (or longer) getaway. 

Work-life balance

For full-time working moms, wrangling kids and bringing home the bacon is a delicate balance. Many creators have found a way to do it exceptionally well and offer tips and hacks for creating a routine that helps their followers get both their jobs done. 

‘Mom time’

@sarahlee1220 😂😂 #momsoftiktok #fyp #babiesoftiktok ♬ original sound – Kayla Freitas

Sometimes mom needs to be off duty for a while. Some of the most relatable momfluencer content happens when mom clocks out and takes a little bit of time for herself. 

Brands with successful mommy influencer partnerships


Crayola regularly partners with nano and micro influencers to showcase its products and picks the highest performers for ongoing partnerships. The brand’s most recent collaboration is with mother-daughter duo CJ and Cori. The creator team currently publishes branded content every Tuesday and Thursday to promote Crayola products and prove how much fun families can have with arts and crafts time.


SlumberPod started its influencer marketing program to help promote its baby sleep canopies for parents on the go. Since starting the program, SlumberPod has grown its Instagram following to nearly 70K and generated more than seven figures from its creator collaborations. The brand’s most successful content involves giveaways and tutorials for its innovative product lines. 

“We do very little paid marketing because we are getting so much revenue just from the influencer program.”

Mallory Whitmore, marketing manager at SlumberPod

Tubby Todd

@lexiwalker0523 @Tubby Todd was the best investment for our baby’s skin 💗 #momsoftiktok #fyp #tubbytodd #parentingtips #cradlecapremedy #newmomtips ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Tubby Todd makes natural soap products safe for babies and their delicate skin. The brand has plenty of fans raving about its products online, which leaves plenty of opportunities to source user-generated content from creators who already love its products. Tubby Todd also has a “mama group” to help foster relationships, share educational tips, and get its community excited to continue promoting the brand. 

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Top 20 mommy influencers to follow on social media right now

Top Instagram mom influencers

Lindsey Gurk

Lindsey’s content is a collection of outfit inspiration, beauty tips, and the adventures of motherhood. The Pittsburgh-based creator gives her fans total access to the highlights (and bloopers) of her ever-evolving parenting journey. 

You can also follow Lindsey on TikTok and Pinterest

Shalonda H. 

Shalonda and her husband, Henry, are the perfect inspiration for parents who still want to get out and see the world. Aside from regular travel vlogs (bae-cations), this relatable couple shares all the challenges young couples face as they navigate life together. 

You can also follow Shalonda on YouTube and her separate Instagram cooking channel

Sithara Nizam

Sithara is an Indian makeup artist and content creator, but her daughter Amelia is the real star of the show. The duo’s adorable “mommy-daughter time” content is sure to put a smile on your face between mom’s tips and tutorials for stunning beauty inspo. 

You can also follow Sithara and Amelia on YouTube

Brittni Barnum

Brittni Barnum, better known online as Freckled Doe, is an Army wife and mother of six. Brittni is passionate about sharing her story of overcoming trauma and aims to help others with mental health struggles, low self-esteem, divorce, and other challenges. 

You can also follow Brittni on TikTok and Pinterest.

Mayci Neeley

Mayci’s story is one of heartbreak and perseverance. As a survivor of domestic abuse and unimaginable loss, Mayci shares her journey to finally finding “the one” and living the life she has always deserved. 

You can learn more about her story and follow her journey on YouTube and her blog

Top TikTok mom influencers 

Madison Chavez

@thechavezfamilyy Where my boy mamas at?😅 #fyp #mama #momtok #boymom #momcomedy ♬ original sound – Denzel Crisp

Madison is a mother of four and creates hilarious and relatable content centered around her young, growing family. As the founder of Indie Moon, she inspires her fans to live their most fabulous life comfortably. 

You can also follow Madison on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest

Naomi Rose

@thechavezfamilyy My bestfriend 🥹 Shop the Costco exclusive shampoo + body wash lavender 2 pack now 🤎 #ad #honestambassador @Honest ♬ Got It from My Mama – Honey County

Naomi’s channels are all about fashion, beauty, and motherhood. She mostly keeps her content lighthearted and fun while producing plenty of reviews and tutorial videos for products meant to make life easier for busy young moms. 

You can also follow her on YouTube and Instagram

Mama to Ama

@mamatoama Where did the time go? 🥺 #fyp #foryou ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Zoe is a 20-something creator from Ireland and a mother to (you guessed it!) a baby girl named Ama. Zoe freely discusses some of the mistakes she made early in her parenting journey and creates content with tips and advice for young mothers to avoid similar blunders. 

You can also follow Zoe on her blog.

Mai Zimmy

@maizimmy #swifferpartner helped make this kitchen reset quick and easy! #cleantok #cleanwithme #cleaningmotivation #cleaningtiktok @swiffer ♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Mai is a mother to 3-year-old twins and a 1-year-old, and jokes that her social media profile is the “only thing that is mine anymore.” Her content is mostly meant for entertainment, but she also throws in the occasional parenting hacks to make mom life easier on the mind, body, and checkbook. 

You can also follow Mai on YouTube and Instagram

Mada Graviet


I try to teach the little one something new everyday

♬ original sound – mada

Mada is a Gen Z model and recent mom. She creates informal fashion and lifestyle content on her channels, but her son Rez generally steals the spotlight from his stylish mom. 

Top YouTube mom influencers 

The Parenting Junkie

Avital, better known online as “The Parenting Junkie,” is a mom of five, a mindful parenting coach, childhood designer, and founder of Present Play. Avital’s content digs deep into relationships and self-care while providing one of the most unique and informative parenting perspectives on YouTube. 

You can also follow Avital on Instagram and her blog

Jana & Alonzo

Jana is an entrepreneur, fitness junkie, and mother to Alonzo—who was recently diagnosed with global developmental delay and epilepsy. Her content is an inspiration to all mothers, especially those raising children with special needs. 

You can also follow Jana and Alonzo’s journey on Instagram

Jessi Malay

Jessi is a pop singer and creator based in LA. Her content centers around everything from music videos and fashion tips to parenting Q&A sessions with licensed medical professionals. 

You can also follow Jessi on Instagram and her blog

Jane Insane

Jane pledges to “keep it real” on her channel and always encourages her followers to just “eat the dang fries.” Her fans love her for her relatable parenting content and behind-the-scenes looks at her life as a super mom. 

You can also follow Jane on her blog

Milena Ciciotti

Milena is a Brazilian creator who married her high school sweetheart and started a family at age 20. Her parenting content covers everything from dealing with temper tantrums to looking fresh for date night with your spouse. 

You can also follow Milena on Instagram and her blog

Top mommy bloggers

Mama Natural

Genevieve Howland is the woman behind Mama Natural, which bills itself as the web’s No. 1 natural parenting brand. Mama Natural’s review board is filled with midwives and medical professionals who help produce content for “crunchy” moms looking for a healthier life for their families. 

Classy Mama Bear

Laura Dougherty is a former dancer turned lifestyle blogger. As a young adult, she was diagnosed with a serious health condition, leading many doctors to fear she might not live to see 30. But Laura defied the odds and became a certified health coach and survivor who now shares her inspirational journey with the world. 

You can also follow Laura on Instagram and Pinterest

What Moms Love

Aly is an English mother of four and the founder of the What Moms Love blog. The site strives to be the go-to destination for modern, savvy moms with content chock-full of “ah-ha” moments and educational tips. 

You can also follow What Moms Love on Instagram and Pinterest

The Taylor House

Chrissy Taylor’s blog is for moms at home and on the go. With tips for travel, finances, organization, and recipe inspiration, The Taylor House is sure to have a little bit of something every mom can enjoy. 

You can also follow The Taylor House on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

Honest Mum

Vicki Broadbent is a lifestyle blogger, parenting expert, and bestselling author of Mumboss and The Working Mom. Her blog is a place for her to share her family life, as well as her passion for family, food, business, beauty, and style. 

You can also follow Honest Mum on Instagram and Pinterest

Key takeaway: Mom influencers give a relatable edge with authentic, brand-aligned content. 

When mom talks, consumers listen. And finding a momfluencer willing to vouch for your brand gives you unmatched credibility that leads to the brand awareness and ROI every marketer craves. Many brands have already turned to mom influencers to help become household names, and your brand could be next. 

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Updated: March 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Sara Affi Fella is a former reality TV star and now one of the web’s most popular mom influencers with more than 1 million followers on Instagram. 

Mom influencers are some of the web’s most relatable content creators. Momfluencers can be any age, and they produce content catered to other moms (or dads) at any stage of the parenting journey. Since anyone can be a mom, there is truly no limit to the type of content momfluencers can be successful with. 

Vicki Broadbent is a parenting expert, bestselling author, and the creator of Honest Mum, one of the most popular online blogs today. 

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Written by Quinn Schwartz

Quinn studied journalism at the University of Kentucky and now lives in Portland, Oregon. He’s particularly interested in storytelling in digital marketing and cost-effective creator strategies for smaller brands. When he’s not writing, you can find him at a concert, dog park, or debating whether or not to go on a run.

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