The 11 Most Important Things to Know About Influencer Relations

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Although over one third of marketers have a low opinion of influencer relations, it is this year’s hot term.

Now, it’s taking over advertising agencies all over the world.

The truth is that when it comes to influencer relations, we’re entering uncharted territory. It is natural for naysayers to speak their fears. They have no idea what they’re getting into.

While influencer marketing is now a classic, it also means that it needs to evolve. Audiences crave a more intimate, unique marketing experience. They want something that engages and speaks to them as individuals.

As we are bogged down with daily headlines, trends we should be following, and more apps to download, audiences want the opposite. They are craving more intimate experiences. They want to focus.

With influencer marketing campaigns front and center, influencer relations campaigns can be compared to a “cool” cousin. It’s only for those willing to go the extra mile.

Influencer relations campaigns are moving to the front in the coming years. It’s important for marketers to understand what they need to know about this necessary marketing trick.

They also need to understand that the lines between marketing and public relations are blurring.

No Influencer Can Influence Everyone

We all have our favorite influencers. If we follow beauty and self-care influencers on social media, those influencers will have no sway with, say, the audience who follows the tech or auto influencers.

Influencer marketing aims to take the popularity of a star and cater it to an industry.

Think Tommy Lee Jones as the spokesperson for Ameriprise.

Is Tommy Lee Jones a finance expert or advisor? No. Do we all love Tommy Lee Jones and want to trust him? Sure.

Another super random campaign features hip-hop influencer, DJ Khaled promoting Stride Gum. Does it make any sense to pair those two?

Maybe not, but Stride sold A LOT of gum to millennials who listen to DJ Khaled.

Influencer relations, on the other hand, takes a specialist within the industry and creates a campaign around their specialty.

While Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-known actress, she is also well-known for her extreme lengths to stay healthy and live well.

The result? Her company, GOOP, which is an influencer for anyone who wants to attempt to look like Gwyneth or stay up on anything Gwyneth.

Influencer Relations Build Relationships on Social Media

Influencers in this unique marketing disruptor have built an audience through blogs and online engagement.

A perfect example of this unique art is beauty guru Michelle Phan.

When YouTube was in it’s earlier stages, Phan built a major following that resulted in a multi-million dollar YouTube deal. It also got her numerous contracts with beauty companies.

Since that time she’s not only developed her own beauty line, but developed other influencers like herself.

Influencer Marketing Focuses on Quick Results

If you’re looking for an instant return on your investment, this old fashioned, message-driven method of marketing may not be right for your campaign.

Influencers are all about spreading their message to their loyal audience, not grabbing the attention of the masses.

Relevance Is Key

In order to execute a successful influencer relations campaign, the message should be a believable, organic one.

When you watched ‘This Old House,’ you believed that it’s host, Bob Vila, only wanted to help you improve your home. There was never any kind of alternative agenda on his end. He was a great contractor who wanted to share his abilities with the world.

Think of Bob Vila as one of the original specialists in his field. He built a following over years of showing people how to beautifully renovate old homes.

Today’s version of Bob Vila reaches across social media channels. These include television, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. With more channels to reach their audience, they’re able to build a stronger audience socially inclined to continue watching.

Influencer Relations Focus on A Specific Audience

Is your influencer specializing in how to refurbish old sports cars?

Have they developed a YouTube following with videos showing you how to improve your golf handicap?

Influencers in this unique new marketing disruptor are established in their fields. While there will always be the latest and greatest young thing on the market, these people will always be in their field because it’s what drives them.

You can’t build these kinds of influencers. What you can do is spread their message further. You can do this by using similar methods of social media as influencer marketing.

Influencers Have a Large Pull

These special influencers are specialists in their chosen fields.

When personal trainer and health guru, Jillian Michaels, was tapped to co-host the reality show, ‘The Biggest Loser,’ the world went crazy for her no-excuses, hard core point of view.

While already a specialist in her field, her reach only expanded. More people paid attention to her message of health and wellness. To this day, she is everywhere.

Her image can be constantly seen on television shows, the covers of magazines and as a spokesperson for numerous products.

Influencer Relations and Influencer Marketing’s Methods Intertwine

The fuzzy line between influencer marketing and relations is continually blurred.

Agencies are in a phase of testing their usual methods of marketing. They do this by utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other applications for spreading their influencers’ messages.

The inevitable result is that we will start holding our social media influencers responsible for providing legitimate content. There is simply too much information out there to believe that everyone with a voice is a specialist in their field.

An Influencer’s Platform Is Key

Depending on whether you are spreading an influencer marketing or influencer relations method, there are different proven systems advertisers like to use.

Influencer Marketing is a proven method of brand exposure.

It’s used to get quick results and the major method of media used is Instagram. We all know that people love their pictures. With influencer marketing, an audience consumes simple products that are easy to understand in a single post.

Remember, people have much shorter attention spans these days. You need to be able to say everything that’s important in a few short sentences. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a guarantee that your content is never going to get read. That means you’ll just end up wasting your time and money.

That’s never a good thing.

Influencer Relations campaigns are generally used for improving brand perceptions and awareness. This is more of a slow burn, advertising-wise. Influencers are like brand advocates. They are chosen for being specialists in their fields.

These types of campaigns utilize Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and blogs to spread their message. This is considered longer term strategy. In fact, is it not even considered to be marketing in the eyes of most advertisers.

Blogs Help With The Slow Build Of Your Brand

To many advertisers, blogs are not a marketer’s friend.

Their message is a slow one, and it’s one without immediate results. However with a consistent blog that provides useful content, trust is formed between the influencer and audience.

While this slow burn is the opposite of a marketing influencer’s agenda, the benefit of constant content draws consumers in. The same thing goes for their trusted relationship with the site.

Audiences Relate to an Influencer’s Values

As mentioned previously, the slow build of an audience is one of trust.

When influencers have proven track records in their field, the audience can’t help but relate to a shared value system.

Influencer relations is about shared content, teaching and spreading knowledge. If your chosen influencer selects a specific product to share with their base, the trust is extended to the chosen product.

Define the Influence You’re Trying to Have

Influencer relations specialists should take care to identify their goals.

What message are they attempting to share? Are they driving awareness for a product or event? Cultivate relationships and communities? Share industry insights?

This kind of marketing requires a breadth of knowledge on the influencer’s part. Research is required to keep up in one’s chosen field.

Advertisers working with an influencer should identify how their market responds to specific social media platforms. What kind of blogs do they read? What drives the greatest responses? What keeps their attention?

Additionally, influencers should understand what kind of impact they want to make.

Are they hoping for product feedback? Be sure the product they are representing relates to their particular field.

It’s time To Dive In

Now that you’ve explored the world of marketing influencers, you may realize it’s time to try something new in the marketing world. You may not know where to start.

Here is your ticket to the new marketing game in town.

As an advertiser, it’s wise to stay in the game, playing both the long and fast games when it calls for it. This new slow marketing burn will build the long-term results your client is likely looking for.

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