Influencer Marketing Cheat Sheet: Activity Types

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It’s common knowledge that advertising is moving faster than ever and is constantly in the process of reinventing itself. In the future, smart companies will harness influencers online to tell stories about their products instead of advertise.

Under this new banner an entirely new industry has emerged where brands pay social media influencers to promote their products & services. It’s product placement on steroids, but even more credible than the old days.

But in this new environment, what actually happens? With traditional, the format is a billboard and the message is created by the advertiser. With influencers? Not so much.

Luckily, at Grin, we’re experts with influencer marketing. So we created this simple cheat sheet for the modern marketer. Below we have outlined common activity types, distribution platforms & formats. Hopefully this gives you a good base to operate from when creating your next influencer-driven campaign!

Influencer Campaign “Activity Types”

Social Media Mentions

A social media mention is where an influencer casually mentions your brand, product or service to their followers. The typical call to action drives traffic to check out what the influencer is promoting.

Branded Content

The influencer shoots content, either video or photos, that relate to the product they are promoting. For example, if an influencer is promoting a pair of running shoes they would share photos or video of themselves going for a run and mention the sponsor in the post.


With a giveaway we partner with an influencer to run a product giveaway through the influencers social accounts. The followers are urged to “enter” the giveaway by completing a few simple actions, like a photo, leave a comment, share the content.

Gifting & Unboxing

An unboxing is when the brand sends the influencer a curated package containing their products. The influencer films and/or documents the arrival of the package, opening the package and discusses what they received with their audience.

Sponsored Blog Posts

The influencer writes a post for their own blog describing the event, product or service that they are promoting. They give an honest review of using the product or attending the event. This is a great way to drive lasting outcome as blog posts drive traffic perpetually.

Event Activation

Harnessing influencers to activate your events is a powerful way to drive incremental outcome before, during & after the event. This activity type calls for influencers to attend your event and document their experience.

Influencer Takeover

A takeover is when an influencer takes over the brand, event or companies instagram. They are given a temporary password and they post content to the account for a set period of time. Prior to starting on the sponsors account they drive their traffic to the new account.


Have an activity type idea? We’re always open to new, creative suggestions!

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