Why influencer-generated content just “works”

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Why Influencer Generated Content Works

The growth of influencer marketing in recent years has piqued the interest of companies, who are searching for ways to make the most of their brand’s advertisement. Influencer marketing and user-generated content have become the “in-thing” for large organizations as TV viewership continues to fall, and social media advertising costs continue to increase.

Social influencers offer a multi-platform strategy and an effective, comprehensive way to promote your product or brand.  In addition to the growth of marketing budgets, a strong return on investments generated from influencer content has led advertising departments to accept it as a credible marketing strategy.

The importance of visual representation cannot be discounted, whether it’s for the social or online promotion of brands. In order to understand the impact of influencer marketing and user generated content, we need to look at the nature of these strategies. Let’s find out why they’ve become vital tools in the industry by considering the top three benefits of their utilization:

Influencers are the new word of mouth


Celebrity endorsement was once considered to be the most effective marketing tactic. Having a famous spokesperson to represent your brand enabled you reach the widest audience possible with a recognizable face and persona.

However, the growth of social media and online access has made influencers into a new species of marketing celebrity. Brands and companies see a far greater ROI through the outreach gained by user-generated content that catapults their particular products and services from the ground up.

Unlike the celebrity, whose interest level can often be lackluster, the influencer is seen as a more reliable and passionate representative by contrast. Relevant experience and honest product promotion combine to result in a greater following, as well as higher buying conversations.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject, and the results are unanimous: people are more likely to trust an influencer over a celebrity with no stake in their role as the face of a brand or product.

Use generated content can help enhance purchase decisions


One particular study, conducted by Dr. Jonah Berge, concluded that user generated content (which has to do with purchasing recommendations) is posted online by influencers 22.2 times more than average users. 82% of participants agreed that they would follow a recommendation made by a micro influencer, which only emphasizes the importance of targeting the right audience for your products.

User generated Content has little or no fabrication

For a user, content credibility is of utmost importance. When all the information you come across online is grounds for skepticism, potential customers can be persuaded to buy a product if approximately 74 percent of a brand’s influencers recommend it. This is because influencers are generally considered to be knowledgeable people who are experienced at detailing how a specific product should work.

The growing power of influencer marketing and user generated content has pressured companies and entrepreneurs to re-think their existing social media marketing strategies. The sheer number of photos being shared online numbers in the billions each day, which is proof of this new-found method’s influence and potential.

How to find the Best User Generated Content?

With so many images being posted online and such large volumes of content created each day, it can be hard for marketers to find the best user generated content. One way to go about it is to make use of new age analytics that allow you to easily measure the experience that different influencers have in various industries and niches.

This is a good way to make sure businesses end up hiring the right person to promote their particular product or content – the last thing that a business needs is to pay influencers who have little or no impact in that company’s niche.

The best user generated content is not specific and can vary from one business to another. What may be the best user generated content for one business may not be the same for others, and these differences need to be considered in optimizing the scope of advertisement.

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