How To Improve The ROI Of Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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Influencer marketing campaigns have become a popular tool for businesses who are aiming to get real results.

When these campaigns are done right, they are proven to be an effective way of getting your audience’s attention and establishing your brand.

Influencer marketing campaigns are often more costly and may require more attention than other types of marketing techniques. This is not a bad thing, as long as you gain a considerable return on your investment.

Your return on investment is always important. But when the stakes are higher, as they often are when you are working with an influencer, then naturally you want to feel confident that your return will be well worth the added effort and expense.

Wondering how you can boost your chances of a significant ROI on your next influencer marketing campaign?

We’ve got your answer here! Read on to find out the secrets behind successful influencer marketing campaigns!

1. Consider Your Target Audience

Everything about your campaign revolves around your target audience.

You need to be sure that the candidate you choose to represent your company is one who will be able to connect and influence your target audience.

Influencer marketing campaigns are shown to be especially effective at targeting younger generations that have been harder to reach through traditional advertising techniques.

Millennials, for example, have created somewhat of a challenge for marketers to transform their strategies to adapt to the interests of this generation

Studies show target audiences between ages 18 and 34 prefer a recommendation from an influencer. If your target audience falls within this age group, then you have a good chance of impacting them with a well-planned influencer campaign.

You should keep in mind that all audiences tend to operate from word of mouth. Word of mouth impacts buying decisions in virtually every market. This can work to your advantage in today’s world of social media where one person’s opinion can easily reach connections spanning across the globe.

No matter your targeted age, using an influencer who has a strong social media and professional presence can help lend to the success of your campaign.

Find the right person that shares the common appeal with your target audience and has the authority to carry your message. You should always use an influencer whose image is well respected among the age group you are targeting.

2. Identify Your Influencer

The biggest challenge the vast majority (75 %) of marketing professionals face when running influencer marketing campaigns is finding the right influence.

The right influencer will create the impression among your audience that everyone is talking about your brand. And soon, everyone will be!

To find the best influencer to reach consumers, you should first find and follow as many experts connected to your product or service topic as possible. Then you will be able to incorporate strategies to nail down the top candidate for the job.

You should review the content produced by the potential influencers to determine the relevance of their image to your brand. Your objective should match the presence of your influencer.

If they have already established a voice of expertise in your area, then you are on the right track.

Next, study their content to make sure it is high ranking and includes useful information. High-quality content is key to nabbing the right influencer for a successful campaign.

3. Outline Your Goals

By the time you approach your ideal influencer, you should have already established clear goals for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Some of your goals might include increasing your social media presence and following, producing sales, boosting traffic to your website or establishing direct lines of communication with potential customers. These goals can be easily measured.

In addition to your goals serving as a way to measure your campaign’s effectiveness, they will also guide your influencer in their overall strategy and approach.

Be sure to use specific and clearly defined goal objectives when you construct your outline. And, if you find it necessary, you can tweak your goals to match the direction of your campaign prior to takeoff.

4. Research Your Influencer’s Feed

Once you have identified your potential influencer, don’t rush to hire them without doing a little investigative work first.

Researching your prospective influencer’s feeds on social media, as well as any blogs or other channels that they may have, is an important step for a variety of reasons.

First, you want to be sure there is room for your promotion in your prospective user’s feed. If they are already overwhelmed with promotions and gimmicks, yours may not carry much influence, even when communicated by a heavyweight in your industry.

If the candidate’s page is full of ads or appears to lack substance, then people are more likely to tune out their messages, including those that are relevant to their needs. This is especially true if there are more ads than direct communication on the influencer’s social media pages.

Secondly, you want to check to make sure they adhere to rules of professionalism when they are promoting a brand. And, you want to be sure they are not promoting any of your obvious competitors.

Lastly, their feed will give you a good idea of how many engaged followers they have on a regular basis. Check for active interaction and responses, as well as likes and followers. Also, ensure they display some consistency in their audience numbers and engagement rates.

Check for active interaction and responses, as well as likes and followers. Also, make sure they display some consistency in their audience numbers and engagement rates. These will give you an idea of their social influencing power.

Their content and engagement will give you an accurate perspective of their social influencing power.

5. Take Advantage of Tools and Software Designed to Support Influencer Campaign Success

Influencer marketing campaigns can be one of the most challenging and rewarding campaign strategies of your career.

Whether you are new to influencer marketing campaigns or not, you are likely to encounter similar challenges every time you embark on a new campaign.

You want the security of knowing that your campaign is likely to produce substantiated results amidst the unique challenges that are presented.

With influencer campaigns, there can be a high level of risk involved. But with the help of the right tools and software, your campaign can produce the results that you crave.

Grin Influencer Marketing Software offers a full package, assisting with everything from identifying the right influencer for your campaign to managing content. For about $75-$300 per month, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

High-quality software does a lot of the work for you. It takes away the stress and pressure that often accompanies influencer marketing campaigns.

6. Choose the Best Social Media Strategies for Your Product

Social media is a critical part of your campaign. It’s crucial to your campaign’s success to choose wise social media strategies.

The target audience for each platform varies widely, so you need to be mindful of who you are trying to reach through each one. For example, LinkedIn is geared towards professionals, while SnapChat aims for the younger generations.

Make the best use of each platform by sharing clickable, shareable and easy to view content. The most appropriate content is likely to vary according to which platform you use and what you are posting.

Instagram is a great place to post vibrant, clear, high-quality photos that are likely to catch the viewer’s attention. Facebook is best when sharing videos or blog posts. Short snippets and catchy hashtags work best on Twitter.

Aim to post related content regularly, at times when the content is most likely to be viewed.

You should also engage your viewers and attempt to interact with as many as possible on your posts and through messages. You can encourage interaction by asking questions or inquiring about viewers opinions.

One way to involve and excite the public is to offer specials, giveaways, and bonuses exclusively for your viewers. Adding a tag line such as “click on the photo, like and share to win” tends to get users attention, and will also get more viewers to share your content.

Build up your campaign to the initial influencer’s introduction and then again towards a “climax” to the campaign. This builds suspense and creates buzz among your audience.

Make sure that you are posting and sharing on as many platforms as you can and that you make the best possible use of the potential reach each platform carries.

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