How to Get Shoutouts on Instagram for Your Brand

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Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms. It is now up to 700 million monthly active users. When Facebook bought Instagram for one billion in cash and stocks about five years ago, the platform only had about 30 million active users. The platform has obviously grown and, with it, so have the marketing opportunities.

Most companies are on Instagram and use it as a way to connect with consumers and get them to their websites. An important step in that process is getting other people to talk about your brand and to give shoutouts. Doing this helps spread brand awareness and drives new consumers to your Instagram profile, and by extension, your website.

What Is an Instagram Shoutout?

An Instagram shoutout is when a user mentions your company in a post. Users can mention your company name directly with the “@” sign or post photos of your products. This helps you gain brand awareness and enables more users to find your profile.

Another way to get shoutouts on Instagram is through the Story function. Instagram introduced Stories as a way for people to shoot mini videos they can then post to their profiles. The videos only last 24 hours, but they’re a great way for people to feel like they’re connecting with and befriending influencers online. It’s also a great place for a longer shoutout. Influencers can share videos of new products they want everyone to try.

How Does a Company Get Shoutouts on Instagram?

Instagram, like any social media platform, is all about engagement. It only works because people are engaging with what they see and then building relationships with other people and brands.

Before your company can get any shoutouts on Instagram, you have to do the legwork of engaging with people and influencers on the platform. This means you have to like and comment on their posts and take an active interest in them. Only once this happens and relationships start to form can a company start to expect to get shoutouts.

Voluntary Shoutouts

Voluntary shoutouts are ones that a company receives without entering into any kind of partnership with an individual. These can occur because of great customer service or great products. For example, a user may buy your product and share it on Instagram saying they’re so excited. It can also occur when they hop online to thank a company for sorting out their problems. Each voluntary shoutout helps your brand stay top of mind.

Beware of the flip side of this coin, though. Bad customer service experiences or products will likely have users mentioning your brand to tell their followers to stay clear of your business.

Paid Shoutouts

Paid shoutouts on Instagram are ones that occur when a company has set up a partnership with an influencer. The influencer will get paid to talk about a product or a brand. Influencers will do this once they decide that your brand meshes well with theirs. These shoutouts are incredibly effective because followers trust their influencers to be honest with them. Thus, if influencers like a product, their followers will be more likely to try it out for themselves.

To get paid shoutouts on Instagram, you first need tofind influencersand engage with them.  Once you do this, the shoutouts will start rolling in

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