How to Find Brand Reps on Instagram

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It’s the Instagram influencer marketer’s eternal question. Just how do you find people to represent your brand on Instagram? There are many different methods. Some are better than others

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If you’re wondering how to find brand reps on Instagram, you can stop wondering. Use this guide instead.

Look at Your Competition

Which Instagram influencers have your competitors partnered with to promote their brands? This is a great starting position, since it gives you the lay of the land. Who has already partnered with a company and where is your competition positioned? You can choose which market segments you want to target or avoid based on this information.

If you want to go tête-a-tête with your competitors, look for brand reps who move in similar circles and promote themselves to similar market segments. You might even consider extending offers to some of your competitors’ influencers.

Find People Who Already Love Your Brand

Chances are you have some customers already. Within your customer base, there may be any number of loyal customers who could also be influential brand reps on Instagram.

Naturally, not everyone is a great brand ambassador and not everyone is an influencer. Do your research carefully here. If there’s overlap between the “brand advocate” and “influencer” category, consider reaching out to these customers. They may already be promoting your brand, and they’ll likely jump at the chance to work with you officially.

Ask Your Customers

Are you at a bit of a loss as to how to find brand reps on Instagram? You might consider asking your existing customers who they turn to when they need advice about making a purchase. Chances are they follow some influencers.

There may be overlap among customers, influencers, and people who already act as brand advocates. Some of the influencers your customers suggest may already be in your influencer network or they may be partnered with competitors. Nonetheless, if you see the same name coming up over and over again, at least check out the influencer to see if they have something to offer your brand.

Tap Your Influencers’ Networks

If you already work with a few influencers and you’re still wondering how to find brand reps on Instagram, look to your influencers’ networks. They probably follow or have friendships with other influencers.

You may be able to find your next brand rep through an existing influencer’s circle. These partnerships can allow you to strategically access other market fragments, expanding your reach.

How to Find Brand Reps on Instagram? Use an Instagram Influencer Platform

Using an Instagram influencer platform is one of the best ways to find brand reps on Instagram. These platforms put you in touch with influencers from all over Instagram instantly. You can search for new influencers, making the search as narrow or as wide as you want.

Want to find influencers in a new market segment? You can do that. Want to find more brand reps in a particular market fragment to increase saturation and visibility? You can do that too. No matter your strategy, an Instagram influencer platform can help you implement it effectively.

Reverse Influencer Marketing

Don’t forget to leverage your own Instagram following when it comes to marketing. You may discover someone who’s an enthusiastic brand ambassador, but they don’t have the following or the network to truly be considered an influencer.

They could still make a great spokesperson for your company, and they may already be making great content endorsing your products. If you find a gem like this, don’t set them aside because their following is too small. Instead, help them gain influence while promoting your brand. Call it “reverse” influencer marketing if you will. By giving this enthusiastic brand advocate a platform, you could both win big time.

If you’re still wondering about how to find brand reps on Instagram, just give one of these methods a shot. Chances are you’ll find the people you need.

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