How to Create a Black Friday Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Black Friday marketing campaigns with influencers.

It’s nearly that time of year again when the holiday décor begins to adorn store shelves and make an appearance in your social media feeds. This also means that it’s time to prepare your marketing campaigns for the holiday season, more specifically, your Black Friday marketing. Yet, with the myriad of ways to market your products or services, how do you grab the attention of target audiences?

Integrating influencers into your other marketing strategies is a great way to start introducing valuable information about upcoming deals and specials in the weeks leading up to the Black Friday, especially if you’re targeting millennials. Their digital-savviness leads them to spend $600 billion in the U.S. each year.

Using the following tips for creating Black Friday marketing campaigns you’ll know when to post, how to use influencers, and learn about different posting options to make the most out of your social media strategy.

Planning for Black Friday Marketing

Black Friday may be one day on the calendar, but with the proliferation of social media marketing, it’s become a month-long (or more) event. Forty-seven percent of consumers start thinking about gifts before November, so that means getting crafty and planning your campaign and schedule before the actual day.

How to Start Black Friday Marketing Campaigns

Starting Black Friday social media campaigns begin with good planning, which starts the month or two before the actual day. You want to have a plan in place that includes:

  • A content calendar to plan all posts for the campaign
  • Deciding on what platform each post will go
  • Unique content to be used during the campaign: hashtags, images, copy, CTAs, landing pages
  • Influencers you’ll partner with for the campaign
  • Budget for the campaign
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities. Who is responsible for creating posts, executing, engaging, and tracking results

When to Post for Black Friday

Once you have a good plan in place, it’s time to schedule the posts. Posting will vary depending on audience, industry, and the different types of influencers you’re working with, but the idea is to build a sense of urgency and buzz so that your audience is ready to jump on your deals. Here are tips for creating a Black Friday posting timeline:

  • Schedule posts more frequently in the two weeks leading up to Black Friday to capture people that are on the hunt for good deals
  • Consider increasing ad spend during the two weeks to promote
  • Continue posting after Black Friday to feature other promotions and stay engaged with the audience

Prepare for Other Big Shopping Days

Black Friday has long been notorious for its early morning shoppers, long lines, and insane deals, but as e-commerce has grown, so has the rise of Cyber Monday and Cyber Week. Small Business Saturday has grown in recent years with consumers reporting that they spent $17.8 billion at independent retailers and restaurants in 2018.

When creating your content and timeline, consider including content for each of the different shopping days. This is especially helpful for targeting different audience segments. Millennials are interested in social responsibility, which makes them a target for Small Business Saturday campaigns.

Whether you’re creating Black Friday marketing campaigns, Cyber Monday, or Small Business Saturday, preparing your content and posting timeline will help you generate the buzz you need for the holidays. 

How to Use Influencers in Black Friday Marketing

Partnering with influencers for campaigns is now common practice for social media marketers and brands because influencer marketing feels more authentic to consumers. Influencers are often trusted because, while they may be promoting a product or service, their posts are different than a traditional ad directly from the brand.

To begin developing Black Friday influencer marketing, start with a few simple steps:

  1. Choose the type of influencer that aligns with your brand, the campaign, and your target audience.
  2. Begin reaching out to influencers 1 to 2 months before Black Friday to plan for the campaign and its content.
  3. Create a campaign calendar.

When you’ve secured your influencer plan, you can start developing the details of your campaign, such as the type of content, type of post, and social platforms to target. Below are some great examples of how influencers can enhance a campaign.

Influencers Review a Product

People love a good review. So much, that 68 percent of consumers say that they are more likely to purchase from a business with positive reviews. Now, couple a review with an influencer campaign, and you’ve got the makings for excellent audience engagement.

Glossier is famous for making regular consumers beauty influencers, which has led to a massive rise in their popularity. Their focus on authenticity and diversity makes them accessible to consumers. Check out the Instagram post below that features a review from a consumer, repurposed as user-generated content.

Glossier beauty influencer review for Instagram.
Image via Instagram

Influencers Share a Video of Unboxing

Unboxing videos are hugely popular. Their rise stems from two things: consumers’ love of video and the way unboxing personalizes the brand and product.

What is an unboxing video? It’s a short video that shows an influencer opening a product to show what’s inside and how it works. They may also offer a verbal review of the product. This very authentic form of influencer marketing is especially great during the holidays when brands roll out new products or deals that they want to introduce consumers to.

This Instagram unboxing from Facebook influencers and Instagrammers, A Beautiful Mess, shows the unboxing of an box full of bath products. They describe what comes in the monthly box and briefly talk about how to get a subscription.

A Beautiful Mess unboxing campaign for
Image via Instagram

Easily Track Metrics with Coupon Codes

Using coupon codes is a great way to amplify Black Friday marketing with added benefits for shopping a certain product. They are also a great tool to use with influencers because they make reporting much easier, especially if you’re using multiple influencers.

Each influencer you partner with will have a unique code to include in their post with instructions on how to use it. Below is an example from yoga influencer Laura Sykora promoting Body Angel Activewear.

Yoga influencer uses coupon code to promote Body Angel Activewear
Image via Instagram

Whether you’re working with a business influencer, beauty influencer, or fitness influencer, these Black Friday marketing campaigns are sure to boost excitement about your brand leading up to the holidays.

Choosing the Right Influencer for Your Brand

One of the challenges of creating an influencer campaign is finding the right person to partner with. You have to consider their reach, their target audience, your audience, budgets, and more, especially if you want to engage your audience in the frenzy of the holidays.

With influencer marketing software, that choice is simple. You can recruit and manage influencers, create content, and manage campaigns all in one, easy-to-use influencer management solution from GRIN. You’ve got great products and services, and we’ve got the tools to match you with the perfect influencer. 

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