How Can Influencer Marketing Programs Benefit My Brand?

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By now, you’ve probably heard about influencer marketing programs. Adweek reports about 75 percent of marketers are already using this new form of marketing.

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Being skeptical isn’t a bad thing though! After all, you’ve seen marketing fads come and go. Before you begin dumping money into influencer marketing, you want to know how it’ll benefit your brand.

It’s not all hype. These programs can and will benefit your brand. Here’s how.

Increased Brand Recognition

Everyone dreams of getting noticed. In a crowded marketplace, your product, service, or brand may seem all but invisible. You have a few diehard fans. Your customer base is growing incrementally. It still feels like no one really knows or sees your brand.

Influencer marketing programs are great for increasing brand visibility and recognition. While recognition doesn’t always convert into new customers and higher sales, it can bring your brand into the limelight.

Influencers have followings of devoted fans and followers, so partnering with even one influencer can get more eyes on your brand. Not everyone will be convinced, but your name or logo might ring a bell next time they’re shopping on Amazon or in the grocery store.

Influencer Marketing Programs Drive Website Traffic

Another important statistic you keep tabs on is website traffic. Traffic may be important to you for any number of reasons. Maybe you sell direct to your customers through the website. Maybe you run ad space on your website and increased traffic means increased revenue. There’s no shortage of reasons marketers think about increasing website traffic.

An influencer marketing program can drive traffic to your website. Curious potential customers will check out your profiles and your website after an influencer tags you. Influencers might post a link to your store with a special discount offer. They could even provide content for your site, which they then promote.

Higher web traffic results often go hand in hand with better brand recognition too. You may not get direct traffic from your influencer marketing program, but people will be more likely to visit your site when they’re searching later on.

Better Sales and More Customers

Better brand recognition and higher website traffic aren’t the only benefits influencer marketing programs have in store for your brand. These programs also translate into better sales and more customers.

Influencers wield a fair amount of power with their fanbase, so if they recommend your company, brand, product, or service, you’ll likely gain a few customers and make more sales. Some tactics improve sales, such as offering a special discount or promo code unique to the influencer.

Unlike television ad campaigns, influencer marketing programs can have a direct and measurable impact on your sales and customer base! Marketers have been trying to find direct connections between their marketing efforts and increased sales since marketing began. Now you finally have a tactic that connects.

Influencer Marketing Programs Build Relationships

In today’s tough marketplace, hard selling has been replaced by soft selling, and catchy jingles aren’t enough to convince consumers to switch brands. Instead, marketers find they need to play a much longer game when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers. You need to think about customer relationships.

Building relationships takes time and effort, but the pay-off is indisputable. It’s six times less expensive to retain one customer than to acquire a new one.

Influencer marketing programs are centered on this idea of relationship building. You build a relationship with the influencer. Both the influencers and their followers build a relationship with your brand. Over time, this can evolve into one-on-one relationships as followers become customers.

If you were skeptical about what influencer marketing programs can do for your brand, you shouldn’t be. This isn’t a fad. Influencer marketing is the way marketing is done today.

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