How Can an Influencer Build My Brand? (Updated October 2018)

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Building brand awareness is necessary in order for any company to succeed. A company can’t grow if people don’t know it exists.

Instead of paying an exorbitant amount of money on advertising, many companies are using influencers to help build and market their brands. The cost isn’t nearly as high, but the rate of return is significant. Here are some ways they can help build your brand.

An Influencer Can Generate More Leads

One of the biggest challenges in business is generating leads. Many companies don’t have the manpower or the capital to expand brand awareness, and so sales can be harder to come by.

To boost sales in a much more cost-effective way, you should invest in influencers. An influencer is a person who has a dedicated and engaged social media following. The followers are invested in the influencer and listen to what they have to say.

If they talk about a product and how much they love it on their social media channels, their followers are more likely to buy it. It’s a great marketing tool for you because you don’t have to spend a lot of money and you’re able to reach new potential customers that you otherwise might not have been able to reach.

The most common way that influencers use to drive traffic for brands that they collaborate with is to include brands’ website links in their posts. This allows their followers to easily check out the brand and its products after reading the influencer’s post.

For example, Warby Parker collaborates with influencers to showcase their eyeglasses via YouTube videos. These influencers also include a direct website link to Warby Parker in the video caption to make it easier for their followers to check out more products and make a purchase.

Warby Parker 3
Warby Parker 3

Image via YouTube 

Advertising That Is Never Ad Blocked

One of the best reasons for using influencer marketing to build your brand is that you’re guaranteed advertising that isn’t ad-blocked. While technically speaking it’s an advertisement, it isn’t one in the traditional sense. It’s simply someone talking to an engaged audience about your product. These people who are listening have subscribed and are interested. You’re guaranteed listeners, something that traditional advertisements can’t promise you.

Reach a Larger Customer Base

Influencer marketing is a great way for you to reach a larger audience and spread brand awareness. Influencers have large and engaged social media audience that you can access by collaborating with them.

Just a simple mention of your brand or product by an influencer with a large social media following can do wonders to build your brand awareness.

In the example below, Instagram travel influencer, theblondeabroad, mentions Refresh Eyewear in her post. The post provided the brand with access to the influencer’s 546K followers and garnered 12.6K likes and 273 comments.


Image viaInstagram

Find the right influencers to collaborate with and gain access to thousands or even millions of potential customers that you couldn’t have reached by yourself.

Gain More Trust

Putting some of your marketing dollars towards investing in social influencers is much more cost effective than sticking with traditional advertising. You pay a lot of money for traditional advertising and you aren’t even guaranteed an audience, let alone an audience that’s engaged and interested. On top of that, people are programmed now to avoid looking at advertisements.

Consumers only want to be sold to when they’re interested in a product; otherwise, they consider it an annoyance. People don’t consider influencers talking about a product to be advertising. This means that you have a larger and engaged audience learning about your product, and it’ll cost you less than traditional advertising. It’s a win-win.

This type of marketing is rather new, and some people are concerned it’s a trend that won’t last, but it will. People are more likely to buy something from someone they trust as well as if someone they trust recommends it.

According to a recent survey by Stackla, 86% of people like and support brands that are authentic. Influencers can improve your brand’s authenticity by providing honest product and brand reviews that their followers will trust more than an advertisement.

Below is an example of an Instagram beauty influencer who provides honest reviews of several brands and products, which are read by her 11.8K followers.

Brands And Products

Image viaInstagram

You can collaborate with such influencers to provide free samples of your products for them to review. This will enhance your brand’s authenticity and will help you gain consumer trust.

Increase Your Follower Base

You can also leverage influencers to increase your social media following and build your brand awareness. Influencer posts about your brand or products not only create brand awareness, but can also be used to increase your social media following.

Influencers can do this by tagging your brand’s social media profiles in their posts to direct their followers to your brand’s pages.

In the below example, an influencer posted a makeup look she created using several cosmetics products. The influencer tagged those brands in her post, providing her followers with direct links to their respective social media pages.

Influencer Tagged Those Brands In Her Post

Another way to increase your social media followers is to organize a giveaway or contest and ask influencers to promote it. Contests that require people to follow your brand’s profiles and tag their friends in the post drive a lot of traffic to your social media pages.

Contests That Require People To Follow

Image viaInstagram

If you have not yet tried influencer marketing, start a campaign now. Leverage influencers who talk about your niche to build brand awareness and gain access to their substantial follower base.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the best ways you can leverage influencers to build your brand, what are you waiting for? Dive in and discover the benefits of influencer marketing to spread brand awareness, generate leads, access a larger audience base, and gain consumer trust.

If you have any other ideas on how to use influencers to build your brand, please share in the comments below.

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