GRIN Named Leader In Influencer Marketing Software

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GRIN named Influencer Marketing Software Leader in G2's Fall Report

GRIN is this year’s G2 Fall Leader for Influencer Marketing Software. G2 awards are known as “crowd awards,” meaning that real software users and clients of GRIN are organically rating the quality of software for their business. In other words, there is no way to buy or promote the elite G2 award other than to simply provide an amazing product. 

Of all influencer marketing software, GRIN stood out amongst the competition with a 4.8/5 user rating. This means that GRIN clients are dramatically developing their influencer brand at high levels of growth. And clients effectively implement the influencer marketing software to achieve and surpass their campaign goals.

GRIN clients effectively develop their influencer programs at high levels, and they aren't afraid to share it! And have been named Leader in Influencer Marketing Software in the G2 Fall Report. Click To Tweet

What is the G2 Report?

The goal of a G2 report is to guide software customers in their quest to find the best software for their business needs. Each report is segmented by software category and employs a complex set of analytics gleaned from user feedback across the web.

G2 bestows seasonal leader awards as more user feedback is available for Grid rating and scoring. They use a grid rating method for specific categorization, along with a scoring method that looks for significant customer satisfaction and market presence.

Notable Mentions

GRIN software was also highlighted in the categories of:

  • Ease of Use/Best Usability,
  • Quality of Support, 
  • Best Meets Requirements, 
  • Easiest Admin, 
  • Highest User Adoption, 
  • and Most Implementable. 

What Customers Are Saying

“Grin allows you run large-scale micro-influencer marketing programs in-house. You own the relationship, you pay 1/3rd what you would per influencer via any other platform, and you can do it all in just a few hours a week.”

– Sam B

“I am a big fan of having everything in one spot, emails, contracts, supporting documents, payments, conversion tracking, etc. It makes is so easy to manage and so much easier to scale. I also find their pricing to be extremely reasonable.”

– Keri O

“GRIN has changed the way our company can plan, deliver and track content; has helped to scale our influencer marketing program.”

– Alba F

“I’m able to keep tabs on ambassadors and measure KPIs on a monthly basis to track my teams influence, impressions, video views, and posts. It’s also been super helpful being able to send ambassadors new products and gear. Now that my current ambassador team is up and running, I’m planning on expanding my ambassador team.”

– Rihana C

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