The Best Travel Content Creators of 2023

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Did you know that 85% of adults look to travel content creators for recommendations and inspiration for their next trip? With such staggering influence over the tourism industry, there is no better time than now for your brand to partner with these creators on your next campaign. 

To get inspired, we put together a list of some of our favorite travel influencers from 2023. After you get a feel for the content and style of these successful creators, we’re confident you’ll better understand the type of talent that can share your story and turn your brand into the ultimate destination.

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Top travel influencers to follow right now

1. The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich, known as “The Blonde Abroad,” is a prominent solo female travel blogger and influencer. She focuses on empowering and inspiring women to travel the world independently. Kiersten shares content from all kinds of incredible destinations, from city getaways to adventure trips, and offers insights on travel gear and planning.

2. Fun for Louis

Louis Cole is a British travel vlogger known for his adventurous spirit and captivating travel videos. He gained popularity through his YouTube channel “FunForLouis,” where he documents his travels to various destinations around the world. Louis often explores off-the-beaten-path locations and engages in unique experiences, including extreme sports, cultural encounters, and more. He’s known for his positive and uplifting content, inspiring viewers to embrace a nomadic lifestyle and explore the world.

3. Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen are an Instagram-famous couple known for their stunning travel photography and romantic adventures. They share their travels, often featuring idyllic landscapes and exotic destinations. Their visually appealing photos have attracted a large following, and they frequently collaborate with tourism boards and brands.

4. Matt Karsten

Matt Karsten is a travel blogger and photographer who operates under the brand “Expert Vagabond.” He specializes in adventure travel and outdoor experiences, often sharing stories of his thrilling adventures, such as hiking, diving, and wildlife encounters. Matt provides practical advice and tips for travelers looking to embark on their own adventures, and his blog features stunning photography from around the world. His content aims to inspire others to explore nature and take on daring challenges.

5. Nomadic Matt

Matt Kepnes, also known as “Nomadic Matt,” is a well-known travel blogger, author, and speaker. He is particularly known for his expertise in budget travel and advising on how to travel the world on a tight budget. Matt’s blog and books offer practical tips on saving money while traveling, finding affordable accommodation, and maximizing travel experiences. He has been a long-time advocate for sustainable and responsible travel practices.

Top van life influencers

1. Tiny House Giant Journey

Jenna gained popularity through her YouTube and IG channels, where she documents her adventures living in a small, self-converted home. Her content often includes detailed tours of her tiny home, travel vlogs, and those interested in downsizing and embracing minimalist living. 

2. Eamon and Bec

Eamon and Bec are a Canadian couple known for their van life adventures and sustainable living practices. Their content often focuses on van conversions, budget-friendly travel, and their commitment to eco-conscious living, such as solar power and waste reduction.

3. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are a travel vlogging couple who have gained a significant following on YouTube. While they are primarily known for their global travel adventures, their newer van life content provides a glimpse into their experiences and challenges of adapting to van travel from their usual jet-setting adventures.

4. Chris Travels

Chris is a great source of information about how to make the most of RV living and van life. He offers practical advice on topics like van conversions, travel tips, and choosing the right vehicle for your lifestyle. His content is informative and geared toward helping others navigate the world of mobile living. 

5. Brianna Madia

Brianna lives an adventurous nomadic lifestyle, which includes van life, hiking, and outdoor exploration. She documents her journeys and van life experiences, showcasing her love for nature, travel, and their unique storytelling style. Her content often emphasizes the beauty of outdoor landscapes and the freedom of living on the road.

Top Black travel influencers

1. Jessica Nabongo

Jessica Nabongo made history as the first Black woman to visit every country in the world, completing her journey in October 2019. She is a travel influencer, public speaker, and entrepreneur who shares travel tips and discusses diversity and inclusion in travel.

2. Karl Shakur

Karl “Shakur” Ndieli is a talented travel filmmaker, photographer, and content creator known for his cinematic approach to travel storytelling. He shares his travel experiences and adventures through visually stunning videos and photos, often featuring breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and immersive travel experiences worldwide.

3. Oneika Raymond

Oneika Raymond is a travel journalist, television host, and travel influencer who has appeared on various travel-related TV shows. She shares her travel experiences, destination recommendations, and cultural insights on her platforms. Oneika is known for her dynamic and informative content that encourages travelers to explore the world with an open mind.

4. Ernest White II

Ernest White II is a travel writer, storyteller, and host of the travel TV series “Fly Brother.” He explores the connections between culture, travel, and personal growth through his travel experiences. Ernest is known for his engaging writing and commitment to promoting cultural understanding and diversity in travel.

5. Nneka Julia

Nneka Julia is passionate about showcasing the diversity, beauty, and culture of countries across the world. Her content often includes practical tips for travelers interested in exploring some of her favorite diverse regions. 

Top cruise influencers

1. Gary Bembridge

Gary Bembridge is a seasoned traveler and creator of the “Tips for Travellers” brand. He is known for his YouTube channel and podcast, sharing travel advice, tips, and insights on various aspects of travel, including cruising. While Gary covers a wide range of travel topics, he has produced content related to cruise travel, including detailed cruise ship reviews, discussions about cruise lines, and practical tips for cruisers.

2. Emma Cruises

Emma is a cruise enthusiast and travel blogger with a strong online presence on YouTube and her blog. She is known for creating content that revolves around cruise ship reviews, tips, and cruise-related discussions. Emma provides valuable insights into the cruise industry, including cruise line comparisons, cabin tours, cruise ship tours, and cruise-related travel advice.

3. Don’s Family Vacations

Don is a travel enthusiast and cruise blogger who specializes in family-friendly cruise content. He offers cruise reviews, tips, and information specifically tailored to families interested in cruising. Don’s content includes cruise ship reviews, discussions about cruise lines and itineraries, and advice for making the most of family cruises.

4. Sharon at Sea

Sharon at Sea is a YouTube community dedicated to cruise travel. The channel is hosted by Sharon, a travel agent, and offers a variety of cruise-related content, including cruise ship tours, cruise vlogs, and behind-the-scenes looks at cruise ship experiences.

Top sustainable travel influencers

1. Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath is an author and sustainable travel drifter. She is known for traveling the world on a budget and as eco-friendly as possible. She will show you all of her favorite spots and teach you how to travel the world ethically. 

2. The Sustainable Traveller

The Sustainable Traveler is an Instagram account focused on encouraging and educating travelers about eco-friendly and sustainable travel practices. The account shares practical tips, product recommendations, and inspiration for sustainable and responsible travel. It highlights sustainable accommodations, eco-tours, and destinations that prioritize environmental and ethical considerations in their offerings.

3. Kathryn Nelson

Kate Nelson, known as the “Plastic Free Mermaid,” is a prominent advocate for plastic-free living and sustainable travel. She gained recognition for her efforts to reduce plastic waste, particularly in coastal and marine environments. Her work focuses on the importance of preserving the world’s oceans and reducing plastic pollution while traveling.

4. Traveling Jackie

Jackie Nourse, also known as Traveling Jackie, is a travel blogger and podcaster and an advocate for responsible travel and sustainability. She hosts the “Budget-Minded Traveler” podcast, where she explores various aspects of travel, including eco-conscious and ethical travel practices. Her content encourages travelers to explore the world with a positive impact on both local communities and the environment.

Top travel micro influencers 

1. Amanda Bloomquist

Amanda is a travel influencer based in the Pacific Northwest. Whether she’s halfway across the world or in her home state of Washington, Amanda always publishes top-notch content that will inspire you to get out and experience new things. 

2. 2dadswithbaggage

2dadswithbaggage is the story of an LGBTQ+ couple traveling the world with their two daughters. They promote gay-friendly travel destinations and highlight places that are perfect to visit with your family. 

3. That Pup Stanley

Who said travel influencers had to be human? If you want something a little different, check Stanley out for pet-friendly destinations and light-hearted content from our favorite four-legged traveler.

4. Adil Musa

You name the place, Adil has been there. This London-based creator is always inspiring his followers with incredible travel content, including some of the most delicious dishes you never knew existed.

5. Christine Bottross  

Christine is an Egyptian-born creator who now lives in New York City. Whether in front of The Great Pyramid of Giza or the Empire State Building, you can always count on Christine to inspire wanderlust. 

Top Gen Z travel influencers

1. Nash Grier

Nash Grier initially gained popularity for his comedic sketches on the now-defunct social media platform Vine, but now, he shares his life and travel experiences on Instagram and YouTube. His vlogs often feature visually captivating destinations and cameos from his wife and kids. 

2. Lexie Lombard

Lexie is a down-to-earth travel and lifestyle influencer who shares travel journeys and personal stories. Her content often combines fashion, beauty, and travel in an engaging and relatable way. 

3. Damon and Jo

Damon and Jo are the duo behind the “Shut Up and Go” brand, which encourages budget travel and language learning. Their unique and humorous approach to travel, language, and cultural experiences has made them a niche staple on YouTube.

4. Gabriel Conte

Gabriel is a multi-talented content creator, actor, and musician with a passion for travel. He often combines elements of storytelling and humor in his posts, making them highly engaging and relatable to his audience.

5. Summer McKeen 

Summer is known for sharing her travel adventures, lifestyle content, and style inspiration on her popular YouTube channel. Her travel content features her exploring new destinations, trying local cuisines, and providing recommendations—all with a healthy dose of humor. 

Key takeaway: Partner with travel content creators to make your brand the ultimate destination.

Travel industry influencers have become a key driving force that influences people’s travel choices. So if you haven’t yet collaborated with travel influencers to promote your hospitality business, the time is now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel content creators make money through various avenues, including sponsored posts, brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, YouTube ads, merchandise sales, and so forth. Additionally, some build a loyal audience to monetize through crowdfunding platforms like Patreon or seek partnerships with travel companies, hotels, and tourism boards for sponsored trips and promotions. Income sources vary based on the creator’s niche, platform, and audience size.

A travel creator is an individual who produces digital content, such as blogs, videos, photos, or social media posts, centered around their travel experiences. They share insights, recommendations, and stories about destinations, accommodations, and activities, often to inspire and inform their audience. They may also focus on various niches within travel, such as budget travel, luxury travel, adventure travel, or cultural exploration, catering to diverse interests and demographics.

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Written by Quinn Schwartz

Quinn studied journalism at the University of Kentucky and now lives in Portland, Oregon. He’s particularly interested in storytelling in digital marketing and cost-effective creator strategies for smaller brands. When he’s not writing, you can find him at a concert, dog park, or debating whether or not to go on a run.

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