Top 25 Food Influencers and Best Practices for Working with Them

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Food influencers are some of the most open-hearted social media personalities on the planet. They are curious, creative, and scientific, all at the same time.

If your brand is considering partnering with food influencers, here is our line-up of the best ones to watch out for and some best practices to consider when working with them. 

Choosing the right food influencers

Choosing the right partner is the most critical part of your strategy. Here are a few questions to ask yourself during the process.

What are my influencer marketing goals?

Do you want your audience to buy your product directly from an influencer’s post? Or do you prefer to raise brand awareness? Will your influencer be testing your product/service to provide a glowing review to consumers? Whatever your goals, identifying them first will help you find the best food and beverage influencers for your brand.

Does my audience align with the influencer’s audience?

Audience alignment between your brand and the influencer is key to generating the highest ROI from your influencer campaign. Pay attention to the lifestyle and demographics of your prospective influencers before you recruit them.

Does this food influencer have excellent engagement metrics or only vanity metrics?

Unfortunately, some influencers boast a substantial social media following, but cannot generate engagement from their audience. Followers and likes are known as vanity metrics because they don’t measure authentic engagement. Instead, note your influencers’ post comments and shares. The excitement of the influencer’s audience will reveal itself through these metrics.

Ideal influencer engagement rates table

Ideal Minimum Influencer Engagement Rates

An infographic depicting ideal influencer engagement rates by platform and size of creator.

Instagram engagement rates:

  • 5% for nano influencers 
  • 3.5% for micro influencers
  • 2% for macro influencers
  • 1% for mega/celebrity influencers 

YouTube engagement rates:

  • 3.5% for nano influencers 
  • 3% for micro influencers
  • 2% for macro influencers
  • 11.5% for mega/celebrity influencers 

Facebook engagement rates:

  • 2% for nano influencers 
  • 1.5% for micro influencers
  • 1.25% for macro influencers
  • 1% for mega/celebrity influencers

Twitter engagement rates:

  • 1% for nano influencers 
  • 0.75% for micro influencers
  • 0.5% for macro influencers
  • 0.5% for mega/celebrity influencers  

TikTok engagement rates:

  • 18% for nano influencers 
  • 12% for micro influencers
  • 8% for macro influencers
  • 4% for mega/celebrity influencers  

Best practices for brands wanting to leverage food influencers

At the end of the day, the quality of your campaign comes down to integrating your products in a way that fits the creator’s style and approach. When planning your next campaign with food creators, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Make your content visual and appetizing.

If the food looks appealing, then fans are more likely to enjoy and engage that content positively. Even if your product isn’t the final dish in a creator post, remember that the visual appeal of the dish and your product will have a major impact on how people react to your brand.

2. Make sure that your creators understand product best practices, uses, etc.

Your creator partners should help you put your best foot forward. Make sure to set them up for success when using your appliance, adding your spices, etc. How you onboard your influencers and the campaign guidelines you give them are key to achieving this goal.

3. Give as much free product as possible.

It is critical that you find creators who love your product and genuinely want to endorse your brand. To do this, you will want to be generous with product gifts. While operating within your budget, do your best to make sure that your creator partners are well-supplied for their campaign and beyond.

6 food influencers

4. Consider alcohol restrictions for certain regions/audiences.

Some audiences, regions, and platforms do require posts and paid campaigns to disclose age restrictions when promoting alcoholic beverages. Be aware of any restrictions that might impact your marketing efforts and inform your influencers what those restrictions are.

5. Be open to product/brand pairing that compliments your brand.

Many food influencers love to incorporate multiple brands into their sponsored posts. These tactics don’t merely let the creator “kill two birds with one stone,” but they make the post resonate more deeply with their audience. This approach makes the content more authentic and actually helps your brand.

6. Get the rights to repurpose influencer content across multiple channels.

Because most food and beverage influencers are strong photographers and videographers, you may want to repurpose high-performing content on your page or in a paid campaign. By including content rights in your contracts, you can legally repurpose creator content as much as possible, lowering your production costs.

Top food influencers to follow right now

Top food influencers on Instagram

The Modern Proper

Holly Erickson and Natalie Mortimer form the dynamic duo that is The Modern Proper. These cooking and hospitality influencers are among the most versatile recipe creators on Instagram. Fans can choose from a host of recipes, including pasta dishes, soups, salads, gluten-free options, meat-specific entrees, vegetarian meals, desserts, and more.

Jo Yee

Jo Yee says that her photography blog is a “sturdy home for literary and visual tales of my travels and global food adventures both abroad and in London.” She is one of the most-followed travel and foodie influencers on Instagram. Also a professional photographer, Jo excites audiences with exotic lifestyle shots and meals from her London home.

Dennis Prescott

Dennis Prescott is not just a Netflix restaurant show host, he is also an avid influencer. Originally from Canada, Dennis migrated to Nashville, Tennessee, to become a professional musician. To the relief of foodies everywhere, his music career never took off. Instead, Dennis became an accomplished chef, photographer, and world traveler. 

Michaela Vais

Michaela Vais creates delicious vegan recipes and shares them with fans. She launched her influencer career in 2015 when she made her food photography public on social media. Since then, her cooking and photo-shooting hobbies have merged into a full-time business. In addition to Instagram, Michaela maintains a popular food blog with printable recipes and photos.


Sonia and Vishnu live on opposite sides of the world, but they connect through international cuisine. Sometimes together, other times apart, the Transatlantic Foodies travel, eat, and share. In addition to their Instagram page, Sonia and Vishnu maintain the TransatlanticFoodies London Guide on Google Maps.

Dan “Grossy” Pelosi

Dan Pelosi is an IG favorite for all things comfort food. His recipes are approachable and tasty. But best of all, they are meant to be shared with the ones you love. Give him a follow to see what he cooks up next!

Betul Tunc

With 10.1 million followers, Betul is known for her creative flair and focus on Anatolian flavors. Her warm personality and culinary skills have made her a favorite among food enthusiasts everywhere.

Top food influencers on TikTok

Dylan Hollis

Dylan Hollis is TikTok’s top comedian chef. He entertains his fans with recipes from the early 20th century (particularly British recipes from the World War II era). While cooking, you’re likely to see hilarious, flamboyant commentaries with a final taste test at the end.

Food Freaks


Yummy Onion wrapped Dutchman burgers🤯🧅🍔 Would you try?? (via. @Daron The Chef 🔥🔥) 🚨Find the recipe on his page🤗 #burgers #onions #foodiesoftiktok #foodfreaks #burgerlovers

♬ original sound – Food Freaks

Food Freaks has some of the most unique recipe inspo in TikTok. Check them out for wild twists on old-time favorites and plenty of new-age creations that you never knew you needed. 

Poppy Cooks

Want to learn from a true pro? Poppy is a Michelin star chef, but her TikTok recipes are as approachable as they are delicious. Her warm, inviting vibe makes her a must-follow for foodies and aspiring chefs alike. 

TriDereka Hall


Protein Chickpea Cookie Dough 🌱🍪💪🏽 Did you know that you can transform chickpeas into a delicious high protein cookie dough???? I have officially found my new favorite dessert!😍😍 You can make your own at home and even use it to make cookies for the whole family! They are gluten free and if you replace the almond butter with sun butter, they’ll be nut free too.🙌🏽 Ingredients⬇️ * 1½ cup chickpeas, drained can or box * 1/4 cup almond butter (or sun butter for nut free alternative) * ¼ cup @Complement unflavored protein powder (Discount code: MYBGR10) * 2 Tbsp coconut milk * 1/4 cup agave (or maple syrup) * 3 Tbsp coconut flour * 1/4 tsp Ceylon cinnamon * 1/2 tsp vanilla extract * ¼ cup mini chocolate chips (or as many as you want!😁) Directions⬇️ Cookie Dough: To made the cookie dough, all you do is combine all of the ingredients (except the chocolate chips) into a food processor. Process and blend until full combined. Add in chocolate chips and enjoy! Refrigerate leftovers. If you want to see how to bake this cookie dough to make cookies, click the link in my bio for my YouTube video of the full tutorial !🙌🏽 Like this video and share with another vegan mom for a delicious high protein dessert to share! 🤩🍪✨ #complementpartner #empoweredbycomplement #veganmom #veganfamily #vegancookiedough #veganprotein #plantprotein #proteinpowder #veganlife #veganrecipes #blackvegan #blackandvegan

♬ original sound – TriDereka Hall

TriDerika is known for creating vegan and plant-based recipes that kids will love. Check her out for healthy recipes and some adorable cameos from her adorable baby daughter.

Cooking Bomb

Vivian Aronson specializes in Chinese cuisine. Her fun and informative videos are a great introduction to anyone looking to experiment with Chinese flavors. Plus, her quirky videos and quality editing make her an extremely addictive follow.

Thomas Straker


#10 Burnt spring onion & chipotle butter | All time top 10 #allthingsbutter #butter

♬ original sound – summer songs<333

Do you like butter? You better if you want to try Thomas’ recipes. The self-proclaimed “CEO of butter” isn’t going to serve up the healthiest options, but they certainly are delicious—and usually pretty simple to recreate.   

Top food influencers on YouTube

Smokin’ & Grillin’ with AB

AB is a self-taught chef passionate about BBQ and homestyle cooking. On his channel, you’ll find plenty of delicious recipes, helpful tips, and a good dose of humor. From slow-smoked brisket and ribs to classic comfort food, AB is here to make your mouth water and simplify the cooking process for you. 

Internet Shaquille

Shaquille is a great teacher and has plenty of recipes that will make your tastebuds sing. Watch one of his “masterclasses” to learn a special skill or follow him as he samples unique foods from around the world. 

Kimmy’s Kreations

Kimmy is a mom who loves to cook, bake, and craft for her kids, friends, and family. She’s not a certified chef or baker—she just likes coming into the kitchen and getting busy!

Max Miller

Here’s one for all you foodie historians out there. Every Tuesday, you can tune into Tasting History with Max Miller, where you’ll learn how to make different historic dishes while exploring the story behind it. 

Joshua Weissman

Josh makes entertaining, exciting, and inspirational videos about food and cooking. He’s obsessive about bread and enjoys eating things with a large quantity of butter in them. His goal is to get you excited about food and hopefully inspire you to cook something for yourself.


Emmymade loves learning about the world through food and invites her followers to come along for the ride. Give her a follow for wacky twists on old favorites and new recipes you can make at home to please the whole family. 

Top food bloggers

No Bread

Top 25 Food Influencers and Best Practices for Working with Them 1

No Bread was started by Nicole Cogan as a guide for the best gluten-free dishes from around the world. Check her out for delicious recipes and some of her favorite health and wellness tips and tricks.

Cookie and Kate

Top 25 Food Influencers and Best Practices for Working with Them 2

Kate cooks fresh vegetarian recipes, and her dog, Cookie, catches all the crumbs. Check her blog out for all kinds of nutritious and delicious recipes you can make at home. 

Budget Bytes

Screenshot of Budget Bytes homepage

Budget Bytes proves that good food doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The blog has been teaching home chefs how to do more with less since 2009 with simple recipes and step-by-step photo instructions.

Chef’s Pencil

Screenshot of Chef's Pencil

Chef’s Pencil is an international food magazine launched in 2009 by Chef Paul Hegeman. In it you’ll find information about pretty much any cuisine in the world, from classic French and Italian to trendy Asian and West African foods.  

David Lebovitz

Screenshot of David Lebovitz homepage

With a lifetime’s worth of experience, David Lebovitz’s blog is the ultimate culinary destination. Be sure to visit for recipe inspiration, cookbook recommendations, and more.

My Name is Yeh

My name is Yeh homepage screenshot

Molly Yeh’s blog is a diary about food, farm life, and adventures. As a classically trained chef at Juilliard, Molly knows a thing or two about creating the perfect plate. 

Key takeaway: Leverage food influencers to serve up the freshest campaigns.

Food and beverage influencers are artists and professional creatives. Once you’ve identified your campaign objectives, lean upon your influencers to build a strategy that will enthrall your audience. Make sure that the details of your campaign are clear, and then watch your food creator promote your brand with effectiveness and authenticity.

Learn more about influencer marketing: Influencer Marketing 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Gordon Ramsey is the most popular food influencer. The world-renowned chef has more than 75 million followers combined on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

A food influencer is a content creator, often on social media, who specializes in sharing culinary experiences, recipes, and food-related content. Food influencers often have a significant following and influence in the food and culinary industry, partnering with brands, restaurants, and food-related businesses to promote products and services. Their content can range from casual and relatable to expertly curated, catering to diverse tastes within the professional and enthusiast food community.

Food influencer content encompasses a wide range of media to engage and inform audiences about culinary experiences. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Food photography
  • Recipe tutorials
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Cooking tips
  • Food challenges
  • Product reviews

Any visual platform works great for food influencers. The most popular ones are:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest

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Written by Quinn Schwartz

Quinn studied journalism at the University of Kentucky and now lives in Portland, Oregon. He’s particularly interested in storytelling in digital marketing and cost-effective creator strategies for smaller brands. When he’s not writing, you can find him at a concert, dog park, or debating whether or not to go on a run.

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