Best Food and Beverage Influencers of 2020

best food and beverage influencers

Food and beverage influencers are some of the most open-hearted social media personalities on the planet. They are curious, creative, and scientific, all at the same time.

If your brand is considering partnering with food and beverage influencers, here is our line-up of the best ones to watch in 2020.

Food and Beverage Influencers: Who Should Use Them?

Food and beverage influencers are among the most socially-driven people on social media. Because eating is an integral part of human society, some food and beverage influencers spill over into several different influencer genres, including beauty, photography, fitness, and fashion. 

Producers that fall directly within the food and beverage industry – nutrition, restaurant, spirits, cooking equipment, etc. – are making greater use of these influencers.

In addition, travel and recreation brands partner with food and beverage influencers regularly. As it happens, most food and beverage influencers are also avid travelers.

Choosing the Right Food and Beverage Influencer

But just because most brands can work with food and beverage influencers doesn’t mean that you should work with all of them. Finding the right influencer is the most critical part of any influencer marketing campaign.

  • What are your influencer marketing goals? Do you want your audience to buy your product directly from an influencer’s post? Or do you prefer to raise brand awareness? Will your influencer be testing your product/service to provide a glowing review to consumers? Whatever your goals, identifying them first will help you find the best food and beverage influencers for your brand.
  • Does your audience align with the influencer’s audience? Audience alignment between your brand and the influencer is key to generating the highest ROI from your influencer campaign. Pay attention to the lifestyle and demographics of your prospective influencers before you recruit them.
  • Does the influencer have excellent engagement metrics or only vanity metrics? Unfortunately, some influencers boast a substantial social media following, but they are unable to generate engagement from their audience. Followers and likes are known as vanity metrics because they don’t measure authentic engagement. Instead, note your influencers’ post comments and shares. The excitement of the influencer’s audience will reveal itself through these metrics.

Lastly, many food and beverage influencers hold social values, such as using only local vendors, vegan living, and advocacy for those suffering from eating disorders. Be sure that your brand’s values align with your influencer before you try to recruit them.

17 of the Best Food and Beverage Influencers to Watch in 2020

Influencer #1: @transatlanticfoodies

best food influencers transatlantic

Image via Instagram

Sonia and Vishnu live on opposite sides of the world, but they connect through international cuisine. Sometimes together, other times apart, the Transatlantic Foodies travel, eat, and share.

In addition to their Instagram page, Sonia and Vishnu maintain the TransatlanticFoodies London Guide on Google Maps. 

Influencer #2: @elavegan

best food influencers elavegan

Image via Instagram

Michaela Vais, or Elavegan, creates delicious 100%-vegan recipes and shares them with fans. She is one of the most outspoken vegan influencers on Instagram.

Elavegan launched her influencer career in 2015 when she made her food photography public on social media. Since then, her cooking and photo shooting hobbies have merged into a full-time business. In addition to Instagram, Elavegan maintains her popular food blog with printable recipes and photos.

Influencer #3: @dennistheprescott

best food influencers dennistheprescott

Image via Instagram

Dennis Prescott is not just a Netflix restaurant show host; he is also an avid influencer. 

Originally from Canada, Dennis migrated to Nashville, Tennessee, to become a professional musician. To the relief of foodies everywhere, his music career never took off. Instead, Dennis became an accomplished chef, photographer, and world traveler. 

Influencer #4: @memysmoothiesandlife

best food influencers memysmoothiesandlife

Image via Instagram

It is difficult to survey the work of Anna Lindberg without a watering mouth. Based in Sweden, she enjoys a vast social media following across Europe and North America.

As Instagram’s hottest smoothie influencer, Anna showcases superfruits, easy recipes, and gorgeous food art. In the words of Anna, “In life, much like smoothies, you get out what you put in.”

Influencer #5: @idafrosk

best food influencers idafrosk copy

Image via Instagram

Oslo’s Ida Skivenes left her corporate career to become a food influencer. Today, she has nearly a quarter of a million Instagram followers.

As a vegetarian chef, Ida’s chief skills lie in food art, where she cuts grapes into roses and makes animals out of pancakes. She also engages her followers on Twitter, Facebook, and her blog

Influencer #6: @mondomulia

best food influencers mondomulia

Image via Instagram

Guili Mule travels, writes, and takes pictures. When she’s not enjoying fine dining, she’s experimenting recipes at home.

Based in London, Guili recommends recipes, eateries, coffee shops, and lodging in some of the most visited cities in Europe. The Mondu Mulia website allows fans to enjoy more of Guili’s lifestyle content and travel recommendations.

Influencer #7: @uglyproduceisbeautiful

best food influenceres uglyproduceisbeautiful

Image via Instagram

Sarah Phillips is one of Instagram’s very first money-making influencers. Also the owner of @food, Crafty Baking, and #heresmyfood, Sarah is 66 years old and one of the biggest social media voices in the food and beverage industry today.

After years of recipes and cooking tutorials, Sarah uses food art and photography to wow her fans.

Influencer #8: @fionaeats365

best food influencers fionaeats365

Image via Instagram

New York City’s Fiona Lee is a lifestyle influencer with a sweet tooth. Also a traveler and beauty influencer, Fiona’s at-home regimen features amazing desserts, drinks, apps, and full meals. 

When she’s out and about, Fiona knows where to find incredible dining in the Big Apple and around the world. 

Influencer #9: @nobread

best food influencers nobread

Image via Instagram

Influencer Nicole Cogan has the best nose for finding deliciously-decadent, gluten-free desserts. She bakes, travels, and dines at some of the best locations in North America and Europe.

You can find Nicole on Instagram, TikTok, and She is also a health and fitness influencer.

Influencer #10: @candidsbyjo

best food influencers candidsbyjo

Image via Instagram

Jo Yee says that her Candids By Jo blog is a “sturdy home for literary and visual tales of my travels and global food adventures both abroad and in London.” She is one of the most-followed travel and foodie influencers on Instagram.

Also a professional photographer, Jo excites audiences with exotic lifestyle shots and meals from her London home.

Influencer #11: @jancisrobinson

best food influencers jancisrobinson

Image via Instagram

Jancis Robinson is not just a wine critic and influencer – she’s one of the Queen of England’s personal wine consultants!

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also a BBC producer and published author. Jancis is arguably the most prestigious influencer on our food and beverage influencer list. She engages her fans on Instagram, Twitter, and

Influencer #12: @themodernproper

best food influencers themodernproper

Image via Instagram

Holly Erickson and Natalie Mortimer form the dynamic duo that is The Modern Proper. These cooking and hospitality influencers are among the most versatile recipe creators on Instagram.

Fans can choose from a host of recipes, including pasta dishes, soups, salads, gluten-free options, meat-specific entrees, vegetarian meals, desserts, and more.

Influencer #13: @dad_beets

best food influencers dad_beets

Image via Instagram

If you like tacos and breakfast, then Nick Neves might be your favorite influencer on Instagram. In addition to home cooking and his day job as a director at Verizon Media, Nick prefers to spend time with his wife and two sons.

Nick is the quintessential, cooking dad. In recognition of his authenticity, Saveur Magazine named his Instagram account the “best in food.”

Influencer #14: @davidchang

best food influencers davidchang

Image via Instagram

“Chang has become America’s most relevant chef,” says Vogue, “The king of what we might call the Umami Era, in which street food shares the table with haute cuisine and deliciousness matters more than decor.”

Chef celebrity David Chang is a full-time food experimenter and restaurateur. Between his Instagram and podcast (The Dave Chang Show), Mr. Chang delivers tasty Asian dish tutorials and fascinating backstories to members of his audience.

Influencer #15: @emmamariehyslop

best food influencers emmamariehyslop

Image via Instagram

To cope with anxiety and an eating disorder, Emma Hyslop found therapy in cooking. Soon after, Emma launched The Nakd Kitchen to advocate for plant-based meal prep and self-care through diet.

“Food is the one essential we can all relate [to] in this world,” Emma told Cap Beauty, “And we are so lucky to be able to utilize it as an art form as well as a tool of connection.” 

Emma connects with her audience on, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Influencer #16: @joshuaweissman

best food influencers joshuaweissman

Image via Instagram

Joshua Weissman’s TikTok account entertains 2.4 million followers – something quite unusual within the food and beverage industry.

As a teenager, Joshua endured bullying and social ostracization due to his weight. Before graduating, he learned about a healthy diet using quality ingredients and lost 100 pounds in one year. Joshua has been a passionate chef ever since.

Also known as FlakeySalt, Joshua engages his followers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter,, and, of course, TikTok.

Influencer #17: @alexanderruas

best food influencers alexanderruas

Image via Instagram

Alexander Ruas in one of the world’s most decorated baristas. He owns and operates a coffee consulting agency (Creative Coffee) while growing his fan base on Instagram. In his free time, Mr. Ruas enjoys food and travel photography.

Alexander truly makes espresso and coffee brewing a science, creating some of the most exotic coffee flavors fans could imagine.

Final Considerations for Food and Beverage Influencers

Food and beverage influencers are artists and professional creatives. Once you’ve stated your campaign objectives, lean upon your influencers to build a strategy that will enthrall your audience. Make sure that the details of your campaign are precise, and then watch your influencer do their magic.

With each new campaign, you’ll learn to tweak your approach for the best results. For more information to help you launch your food/beverage influencer campaign, here are a few additional resources:

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