Top 20 Dad Influencers to Inspire Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Did you hear about the dad who started his own DIY channel? They say he built a nice community of handy followers and really hammers home his creative expertise. 

Welp. Now that the lame dad jokes are out of the way, it’s time to talk about dad influencers—the figureheads of a booming online community redefining how parents raise kids in the modern world. 

Grab a coffee (or maybe a juice box), and let’s meet some of today’s top dadfluencers, get to know their content styles, and talk about how you can leverage them as the perfect dad-vocates for your brand. 

What is a ‘dad influencer’?

Dad influencers, also known as “dadfluencers,” are helping to redefine modern fatherhood with their relatable and genuine approach to content creation. By opening up the family photo album to the world, recording funny videos, and telling heartfelt stories, dadfluencers share the joys, challenges, and occasional chaos of raising kids. From mastering dad jokes to offering practical advice, these influencers create a supportive community while providing a fresh perspective on the adventure of parenting.

Dadfluencers often collaborate with brands that align with their values and audience. Generally, these brands value family, promote well-being, and offer solutions for the average parent. Whether it’s baby gear, home appliances, fashion, or even food and beverage, dad influencers bring their unique perspective and genuine enthusiasm to showcase products that enhance the lives of both kids and parents.

Dad influencer holding a pumpkin and a small child

The evolution of ‘dad marketing’

Gone are the days of the bumbling, clueless dad in marketing campaigns. The landscape has evolved, and brands have caught on to the fact that dads are more than just sideline spectators in the parenting game. They are active, involved, and influential decision-makers. 

In this new era of dad marketing, successful brands embrace the rise of the dadfluencer, celebrating their diverse identities, interests, and parenting styles. By tapping into this trend, you can showcase how your products integrate into the multifaceted nature of fatherhood and create engaging content that resonates with dads. From empowering narratives to hilarious interactions with the kiddos, brands have the opportunity to connect with Dad on a deeper level, foster brand loyalty, and ultimately thrive in the ever-evolving digital environment.

Understanding the latest trends in dadfluencer content

Millennials have officially taken over the young parenting world. And these dad influencers are a diverse bunch, each with their own unique style and approach to parenting content. 

Some embody the “cool dad” persona, effortlessly blending their parental responsibilities with a touch of trendiness. They rock fashionable outfits, share their favorite gadgets, and stay up-to-date with the latest pop culture references.

But not all Millennial dads fit into this mold. Many embrace their own quirks and interests, whether it’s geeking out over video games, delving into DIY projects, or sharing their love for traditional hobbies. 

The beauty of Millennial dad influencers is that they reflect the wide spectrum of personalities and passions within the generation. Here are a few current trends to be on the lookout for. 

Positive masculinity

Dad influencers often challenge traditional stereotypes and embrace a more inclusive and nurturing version of fatherhood. They’re proof that being a dad is not solely about providing and being tough but also about being compassionate, involved, and emotionally supportive. They showcase moments of vulnerability, openly express their love for their children, and emphasize the importance of respect, empathy, and communication. By breaking down societal expectations, dad influencers inspire others to redefine what it means to be a modern and positive role model for their kids.

Self-care and mental health

Don’t expect Dad to overlook the importance of self-care and mental health these days. Many dad influencers openly discuss their own struggles, from parenting challenges to mental health issues, and encourage their followers to prioritize self-care. Whether it’s practicing mindfulness, engaging in hobbies, or seeking professional help, dad influencers remind us all that taking care of ourselves is essential for being the best parent possible. 

Social activism and advocacy

Dad influencers are not just about diapers and playdates. They’re also champions of social advocacy and activism. These modern dads use their online platforms to raise their voices, challenge the status quo, and promote positive change. From supporting racial equality to fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, they tackle important issues with passion and purpose. With their unique blend of parenting wisdom and social consciousness, dad influencers inspire their followers to become more engaged citizens and create a better world for their children. 

Work-life balance

Dad influencers are crucial in promoting a positive work-life balance through their content. They often showcase their experiences juggling fatherhood with professional responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of dedicating time to both aspects of their lives. Dad influencers demonstrate how they manage their time effectively, set boundaries, and prioritize family while pursuing their careers by sharing tips, strategies, and personal anecdotes to inspire other dads. 

Embracing the ‘dad bod’

Modern dads have played a significant role in challenging societal expectations of the ideal male physique. They celebrate body positivity by embracing their “dad bods”—a term referring to a more relaxed and less sculpted vibe often associated with fatherhood. This trend promotes self-acceptance and encourages men to feel confident and comfortable in their bodies, regardless of traditional beauty standards.

Parenting as a team sport

Many dads influencers in committed relationships highlight teamwork with their partners in raising children. They actively participate in child-rearing responsibilities, including tasks typically considered “mom’s domain” in the past. This trend promotes a more balanced and equitable approach to parenting, where both parents collaborate, share household duties, make decisions together, and support each other’s personal growth as parents. The goal is to foster a stronger bond between couples and create a nurturing environment for children.

Brands with successful dad influencer partnerships

Cub Cadet

@thedadbodlawn This is a lawn dad’s worst enemy. The struggle is real! #lawndad #lawncare #ad #CubCadetPartner #mowing #grass #dadlife #lawnmower #zeroturn #kids #toys #chaos #funny ♬ original sound – The Dad Bod Lawn

Many of this lawnmower company’s #CubCadetPartners are guys who have launched headfirst into the #dadlife persona. The brand has created a community of like-minded dads who can bond over the simple joys of fatherhood and the tools they need to live their best suburban life. 

National University

@joerauth_ National University makes getting a degree a lot less stressful for dad. Check out National University in my bio if you’re looking to get back to school!!! @national_university #dad #school #nationaluniversity #ad ♬ original sound – Joe rauth

By partnering with comedian Joe Rauth, National University took a genius approach to getting their name out to dads thinking about going back to college. Plus, Joe’s branded content seems so similar to the rest of the posts on his page that you can hardly tell it’s a paid partnership at all. 

Sharper Image

@joshherbert Power Boost Pro+ saving the day for this Dad! 🙌🏼 @Sharper Image #AD #PowerBoostPro ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

Weird aches and pains are a part of getting older, especially for dads who are constantly trying to wrangle a bunch of rambunctious kids. That’s why Sharper Image partnered with musician and father Josh Herbert to help work out the kinks with the company’s PowerBoost Pro massager. 

Top 20 dad influencers to follow on social media right now

Dad influencers on Instagram

Simon Hooper

Simon Hooper is a British dad to four daughters known for sharing humorous and heartfelt stories that parents can relate to. In addition to his parenting content, Simon is a strong advocate for mental health and has fostered a strong, supportive community that values his honesty and vulnerability. 

Devale Ellis

Devale Ellis is an actor, former professional football player, and father of four. Devale is known for his candid and relatable approach to family life, which has helped them generate more than 2 million IG followers. Check out his page for content about relationships, parenting, and the dynamics of modern familyhood. 

Jordan Watson

Jordan Watson, popularly known as “How to Dad,” is a New Zealand comedian and content creator known for his tongue-in-cheek parenting advice and hilarious fatherhood content. He covers a wide range of topics, from changing diapers and dealing with tantrums to teaching kids how to ride a bike. Witty commentary, playful demonstrations, and clever editing are all staples of his content. 

Dad and Buried

“Dad and Buried” is the online persona created by Mike Julianelle, an American author, blogger, and social media influencer. Mike started the Dad and Buried blog in 2010 to share his honest and comedic takes about fatherhood. His content has been featured in several media outlets, including HuffPost, BuzzFeed, and Today Parents. Mike has also published a book titled Dad and Buried: My Misadventures in Parenting, which further delves into his relatable experiences as a dad.

Marvyn Harrison

Marvyn Harrison is an author, broadcaster, and proud father. He has penned several children’s books helping kids learn how to be the best version of themselves. He also founded Dope Black Dads, a community and platform that aims to celebrate and support Black fathers.

Dad influencers on TikTok

Terrell and Jarius

@terrell_jarius Baby Girl’s Hair is EVER-RE-THINNNNG! 😍😍 Go Ariaaaa 😘😘 #hair #hairstyle #blowout #blowouthair #hairtok #hairtutorial #splitends ♬ It's A Wrap – Sped Up – Mariah Carey

Terrell and Jarius Joseph gained a following on social media by giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at their experiences raising a family as a same-sex couple. Terrell and Jarius are known for their authenticity, positive energy, and commitment to spreading love and acceptance. They have become role models for many individuals and couples, especially those within the LGBTQ+ community, who look to them for inspiration and guidance.

Vinny the Twister

@vinnythetwister @_Abby.Avila_ @Alberto Avila @monserrat ♬ original sound – Vinny the twister

Vinny the Twister is a Mexican creator who exudes positivity in everything he does. Vinny got his start creating educational content on YouTube but has since branched out to become a TikTok mega-star. These days, you can catch Vinny mostly posting light-hearted content that makes it clear how much he loves being a dad to his three kids.  

Cole LaBrant


like father like daughter

♬ Coincidance – Handsome Dancer

Cole LaBrant got his start on Vine but has since taken over TikTok with more than 20 million followers. He is a member of the family YouTube channel called “The LaBrant Fam,” which features his wife, Savannah LaBrant, and their children. The couple creators wholesome, family-oriented content that showcases their adventures, travels, and special moments with their kids.

Fathering Autism

@fatheringautism I created a monster #autism #dethroned #passengerprincess ♬ original sound – Asa Maass

Asa Maass started his channel to share what he and his wife, Priscilla, learned about autism from raising their daughter Abbie. Maass said he never intended for his channel to blow up, but with 250k followers and counting, it’s safe to say his content resonates with plenty of parents worldwide. Check out his page for advice, how-tos, and an honest look at what it’s like raising a kid with autism.

Roland Pollard

@rolandpollard Her response > #parenting #fatherhood ♬ original sound – Roland Pollard

Roland Pollard is a former competitive cheerleader and cheer coach. During quarantine, he and his daughter Jayden went viral for posting impressive stunting videos and other wildly athletic feats. His videos are certainly inspirational, but we wouldn’t recommend trying to recreate them at home with your own kids!

Dad influencers on YouTube

Dude Dad

Dude Dad, also known as Taylor Calmus, is another former Vine star who transitioned to YouTube after the platform shut down. As you might imagine, his content tackles the joys and challenges of parenting from a “dude’s” perspective. In addition to creating content with his wife and kids, Dude Dad uses his platform to raise awareness and money for causes close to his heart. 

Beleaf in Fatherhood

Beleaf in Fatherhood, or Glen Henry, stands out for his relatable and authentic storytelling about dad life. He infuses humor, vulnerability, and introspection into his content to create a genuine connection with his audience. He fearlessly explores topics like mental health, faith, and personal growth, providing a unique perspective on fatherhood.

Oscar Morales

Oscar Morales is a single dad with four kids. Recently separated from the mother of his children and wife of three years, Oscar gives an unfiltered look at what life is like for a young juggling his independence and responsibility to his family. 


Fathercraft is a digital platform founded by two brother-in-laws to support and educate fathers. Their evidence-based resources include articles, videos, podcasts, and online courses covering various parenting topics. Fathercraft challenges antiquated societal stereotypes by encouraging active and nurturing fatherhood. They emphasize holistic parenthood, addressing self-care, and promoting positive family dynamics. 

La Guardia Cross

La Guardia Cross knows how to find the fun in just about anything. With a mix of humor and heart, La Guardia shares glimpses into his journey as a father of two little girls. From his children’s hilarious antics to his unpredictable adventures of parenting, his videos are an energetic blend of laughter and love.

Dad influencers on Facebook

Dad, how do I?

“Dad, how do I?” is a popular YouTube channel created by Rob Kenney. Growing up without a father himself, Rob focuses on providing practical advice, tutorials, and life skills for those without a mentor or father figure to turn to while growing up. His warm and approachable demeanor resonates with viewers, making the channel a source of guidance on anything from household repairs to personal development. 

Man vs Baby

“Man vs Baby” is a wealth of relatable and raw storytelling brought to life by Matt Coyne. With his captivating tales, Matt fearlessly delves into the chaotic and heartwarming world of parenthood. Through his words, he paints vivid pictures of the unpredictable moments, sleepless nights, and unexpected triumphs that come with raising children.

That Dad Blog

That Dad Blog was started by a father of six. He is a director and web designer by trade and lightheartedly claims that he gets anxious if he doesn’t have a camera with him at all times. Needless to say, his page is full of artfully shot family photos and lifestyle content. 

Designer Daddy

Nephi Garcia is a well-known fashion designer and content creator known for his incredible talent for creating elaborate and imaginative costumes, particularly for children. He gained recognition through his brand “Designer Daddy,” where he showcases his unique creations and shares family content. Nephi is widely acclaimed for designing stunning Disney-inspired costumes, often called “Disneybounding.” His ability to bring beloved characters to life has made him a sought-after designer in the cosplay and entertainment community.

Sober Dad

Sober Dad is an online community for dads who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. The page brings a bit of levity to a heavy situation and offers relatable content for fathers who are rediscovering their lives and working to better themselves. 

Key takeaway: Leverage dad influencers to inspire and grow your influencer marketing program. 

Incorporating dad influencers into your influencer marketing program is a smart move that can yield remarkable results. These creators offer a genuine and relatable approach to parenting, resonating with a diverse and engaged audience. By partnering with dad influencers, you tap into a valuable demographic and create meaningful connections with potential customers. Don’t miss out on the chance to inspire, grow, and bring a touch of dad-inspired magic to your influencer marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing toward dads has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. From outdated stereotypes of clueless fathers, brands now recognize dads as active, involved decision-makers in parenting. The shift has led to more inclusive and authentic portrayals of fatherhood, highlighting the multifaceted nature of modern dads. Marketing campaigns now celebrate their diverse identities, interests, and parenting styles, creating a stronger connection with this influential demographic.

The three main generations of dads are:

  1. Baby Boomers: Born between 1946 and 1964, many Baby Boomers are now granddads. Baby Boomers are the oldest generation of dads, with some still actively parenting.
  2. Generation X: Born between 1965 and 1980, Generation X dads are currently in their 40s to 50s. 
  3. Millennials: Born between 1981 and 1996, Millennials are currently in their mid-20s to mid-40s and form the largest segment of the dad population. As younger dads, they are actively engaged in parenting and are often the target audience for many brands.

To effectively market to dads, leverage influencer marketing by partnering with dad influencers who resonate with your target audience. Collaborate with these influencers to create authentic, relatable content that showcases your brand’s value in the context of fatherhood. Emphasize the unique challenges, joys, and aspirations of being a dad, highlighting how your product or service enhances their parenting experience. By tapping into the influence and authenticity of dad influencers, you can establish a genuine connection with dads and establish trust, ultimately driving engagement and brand loyalty.

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