Benefits of Product Seeding (Influencer Gifting)

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benefits of product seeding influencer gifting

Product seeding and influencer gifting is one of the most effective and cost efficient strategies you can put into place for your influencer marketing programs. Not only are you paying influencers with product instead of off your bottom line, you are ensuring that your product is getting into the hands of the people you know will love it. Though it can seem like a simple concept to offer product gifts in exchange for posts, shoutouts, content, etc, many struggle to prove the benefits of a product seeding and influencer gifting program. In our article breaking down just what product seeding is and how to use it, you will find everything you need know to get your program running. In our snapshot infographic of product seeding 101 you will gain the tools to ramp your influencer marketing product seeding program up quickly and to scale. We have even gone a step further to illustrate the benefits your influencer marketing will gain from running product seeding and influencer marketing programs. Take a look!

benefits of product seeding

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