Ad Agency: How to Get Brands to Buy into Influencer Marketing

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If you’re working for an ad agency, you already know influencer marketing is the next big thing in advertising. You’re already doing it, and you’re encouraging your customers to add it to their marketing strategies.

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There’s one big problem. Few of your clients want to add it to their strategies! Maybe they’re concerned about the cost. Perhaps they don’t understand how it works. Maybe they’re skeptical of how effective it is.

You know you need to convince them to put this effective tool into their toolkit. The question is how can you do it?

Talk Consumer Psychology

Even if the brand you’re working with is skeptical about employing influencers in marketing, most of the representatives will agree older marketing techniques just aren’t as effective as they once were. There’s been a profound shift in consumer psychology. People are more skeptical and critical about advertising today than ever before.

With a shift in consumer psychology, a shift in marketing strategies must follow. For today’s consumer, the key word is trust. Consumers don’t trust brands and companies the way they once did. They do trust their friends and family. They’re also increasingly turning to social media influencers to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Every brand needs to build trust with its customers and potential customers. Influencer marketing allows you to tap into the relationship social influencers have with their fans and followers to begin building the trust you need.

Show Them the Numbers

Some people will agree with you about the psychology of today’s consumer. Trust is the key word, and building relationships is more important than ever.

At the end of the day, these people still refuse to include influencers as part of their overall marketing strategies. They’re just not convinced it works as a strategy, even if consumers are looking for lasting relationships built on trust.

It’s time to haul out the numbers. These folks want proof influencer marketing works. Tell them influencer marketing has, on average, an ROI 11 times higher than other traditional digital marketing techniques. Show them the statistics about how many people turn to social media to find information about which product, service, or brand is best.

You can even find statistics about how many people trust social influencers, or how much more effective social influencer marketing is than partnering with a celebrity brand ambassador.

Address the Cost

Another problem you may run into at the ad agency is a brand representative with concerns about cost. You’ve already presented a marketing package, and they’re a little nervous about the price tag. They’re hoping to discard some of the less “essential” pieces of the strategy to save money.

The problem here is marketing with influencers is both low-cost and effective! To get the most bang for their buck, brands should always include influencer marketing in their strategies and ditch other, outdated techniques.

If price is the concern, talk about other ways to lower the overall cost. Emphasize how cost-effective influencer marketing campaigns are. The high average ROI of most campaigns attests to this fact. If anything, scale back on other aspects of the digital marketing campaign, or even less effective traditional media, in order to free up funds.

Help Your Ad Agency’s Clients Jump on the Influencer Marketing Bandwagon

If your ad agency’s clients still remain unconvinced, even after you’ve presented this information, you may need to play the bandwagon card. Most marketers are already including influencers in their overall strategies. If brand representatives choose not to include it in their strategies, they risk being left in the dust by their competition.

Clearly, other marketers at other companies have already realized the importance and value of this marketing technique. The numbers back it up, and there are clear reasons for its effectiveness. It’s time to get on board.

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