7 Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2017


You’ve all seen the celebrity sponsored ads that flood social media. Try these hair care gummies or this flat tummy tea!

Companies love having celebrity ambassadors because they have such a large following it is easy to get the word out to millions of viewers. They like attaching their product to a face known by many.

Using the face of a celebrity is useful for tapping into a large audience rather than focusing on a specific sector.

Influencer marketing follows a similar trend but instead of celebrities, the promoters are experts in the field.

Influencer campaigns do not aim to get a large following interested in something, they aim to engage a following that already has the interest. Those are the people that influencer campaigns target to buy the products.

Now that we know what exactly influencer marketing is, let’s take a look at some of the top influencer marketing campaigns!

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What Are the Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a watch company that boasts their simplistic design by an even more simplistic campaign strategy.

While Daniel Wellington does have some celebrity advocates like Kendall Jenner, most of their marketing follows a simple rule: post beautiful pictures of people doing things while they are wearing the watches.

Their Instagram feed is positively breathtaking. and photos like that are what draw you in to want to know more about the brand. The photos promote a lifestyle in addition to promoting their product.

This beautiful branding doesn’t stop just at Instagram. It is carried across all of their social channels and marketing. Their Snapchat is equally divine.

What have we learned from Daniel Wellington? Keep it simple.

Diageo/Lagavulin Whisky

Diageo is the parent company of the Scottish brand of whiskey called Lagavulin.

If you are a fan of the sitcom Parks and Recreation, I’m sure you are smiling from ear to ear. Yes, Lagavulin whiskey as in the preferred beverage of one Ron Swanson.

Nick Offerman is most recently known for his role on Parks and Recreation as Ron Swanson, a government-hating, whiskey-loving, man’s man who swore he would only ever drink Lagavulin whiskey. The brand wittily played off of this through their marketing.

Diageo used Offerman to target a niche audience. They created a 44-minute “Yule log” video where he did nothing but contently sat by the fire sipping on his whiskey. This was their play on other yule log videos that are recorded of logs burning on a fire.

The advertisement went viral. Lagavulin’s social media presence skyrocketed. All because of the familiar face they utilized.

Again, this may sound like celebrity sponsoring, but because the video starring Offerman was used to target a niche audience rather than a widespread group, it is regarded as one of the top influencer marketing campaigns.

What have we learned from Lagavulin and Nick Offerman? Audience is key.

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Gap’s Styld.by campaign featured some well-known social media personalities who detailed how they incorporate Gap clothing into their wardrobe. Again, top influencer marketing campaigns on social media coming in hot.

Many of their social media icons already had elements of fashion on their channel so they had an audience that was interested in clothing and style.

Social media gurus would post a photo of their look with the option for the audience to “Shop the Look” right from their Instagram page. Genius.

What have we learned from GAP? Social media is hot.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder recently decided they wanted to appeal to a younger audience. When figuring out how they could do so, they realized they needed the face of their newest campaign to be someone with a young audience and following. Enter Kendall Jenner.

Jenner promotes the new Estee Edit brand on her personal Instagram, which currently has 83.8 million followers, and she also appears in pretty much all of their branding.

What have we learned from Estee Lauder? If you are trying to appeal to a new audience, work with someone who already has that following to assist in growing your brand’s.


Glossier relishes in the fact that regular women are the main influencers of their brand and this is what makes them one of the top influencer marketing campaigns.

Rather than using big names, they play on the “people just like you” mindset.

They exploded with popularity seemingly overnight because of their many micro-influencers. The brand relies on “regular women” to spread the word about what they are doing.

What have we learned from Glossier? If your angle is “regular people use me” then you should be using regular people as your influencers to remain authentic.


Rather than having other accounts promote their brand, ASOS has created influencers of their own. This unique tactic is what makes them on of the top influencer marketing campaigns right now.

ASOS insiders are bloggers already, whether it be fashion, beauty, or lifestyle, so they already have a following but are creating an Instagram account just for promoting ASOS.

ASOS takes this route rather than spending money on traditional marketing campaigns because it is far more organic and has an authentic feel.

What have we learned from ASOS? Stay true to your brand. If you want to be seen as organic and authentic, then market yourself that way.


Revolve is one of the OG’s of influencer marketing. They have been running one of the top influencer marketing campaigns for a while now; #revolvearoundtheworld.

Revolve is an LA-based, commercial retailer and rather than using high-fashion models in traditional campaigns, they take their influencers to exotic locations and document them rocking different style on their social channels.

As you can see, social media is extremely important when it comes to executing a top influencer marketing campaign and Revolve doesn’t miss a beat. Their influencers are constantly posting pictures from the trips in addition to the awesome other gatherings that Revolve holds throughout the year.

What have we learned from Revolve?

Revolve is the ultimate “cool girl” brand and they definitely play on the fact that if you wear their product you will be a cool girl too.

Creating a Top Influencer Marketing Campaign

Now it’s your turn! Keep it simple. Remember that your audience is the key to your success. Social media is hot right now.

Don’t forget these tips and your campaign will go off without a hitch and head straight to the top!

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