6 Tips for Effective Influencer Talent Management

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With an effective influencer marketing program must come effective influencer talent management. If you’re not effectively managing the influencers on your roster, chances are your campaigns are going to flop.

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Want to manage your influencers more effectively? Follow these six tips.

1. Partner with the Right People

Many marketers are in the position where they’re being asked to expand or create influencer marketing programs quickly. Under pressure, these marketers snap up partnerships with any and all influencers who cross their paths.

This leads to some fairly disastrous partnerships. Instead of offering a contract to all and sundry, take your time when it comes to finding influencers. Dig a little deeper and do some serious research. Fewer, more strategic partnerships are better than many ill-thought-out ones.

2. Discuss Expectations (and Make a Plan)

When you enter into a partnership with an influencer, you need to treat it like any other partnership. This is a business transaction.

Discuss your expectations for the influencer’s partnership with your brand. Do you want a video post each week? Be sure to discuss the kinds of content you want, including post frequency, suggestions for content, and even post length. If you want content built around a certain theme or idea, be sure to mention it!

Influencers will likely have creative control over the final content, but you can definitely create a plan and you should have some say over their content.

3. Monitor Content and Behavior

You don’t need to be the morality police, but influencers are known for getting themselves into some hot water. If you’re partnered with someone who happens to get into a sticky situation, your brand image could be tarnished. You’ll need to do some damage control

Even poor influencer content can negatively affect your brand, so be sure to monitor your influencers’ content. Is quality taking a slide? Did they tag you in an inappropriate post? Having a plan and clear expectations can help you avoid some of these situations. Doing some research into the influencer’s past content and behavior can also help you side-step problematic partnerships early on.

If an influencer does make a misstep, be sure to address it. You should have some plans for damage control if something should happen. Even innocuous posts can sometimes go viral for the wrong reasons.

4. Reward Top Performers

Another key to effective influencer talent management is to ensure you’re rewarding your top performers. Sometimes a simple thank-you note can go a long way. If your influencers are creating great content, be sure to encourage them to continue

Rewards can include additional promotion of the influencer’s content, a special gift, or better terms when you renegotiate your contact. If you treat top-performing influencers well, they’ll give back.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Drop Someone

Sometimes, you enter into an influencer partnership with high hopes. For whatever reason, it just isn’t working. Maybe the influencer was more problematic than you thought, or maybe they just don’t produce the right kinds of content you need to boost your brand image. Maybe they aren’t reaching the right audience.

Whatever the reason, if something’s not working, don’t be afraid to cut ties with an influencer. Be sure you handle this move in a professional way. Fulfill contractual obligations to the best of your ability. Your goal is to remain amicable, not to get the influencer to start a smear campaign against you.

6. Keep Growing Your Network

Reach out to associates and influencers your top performers follow or laud. Find more influencers using tools like an influencer platform or asking your customers who they’re following.

You and an influencer who previously had a great working relationship may grow in different directions. Stay cordial and amicable, even if you decide to no longer work with them. You never know where your paths lead.

Effective Influencer Talent Management Is Possible

With these tips in hand, you can more effectively practice influencer talent management.

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