5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Influencer Network

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Maybe you’ve been doing Instagram influencer marketing for a little while now. Maybe you’re starting from scratch. Either way, you’re wondering how you can begin building or continue building your Instagram influencer network.

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An influencer network is important. Partnering with just one influencer is a great step forward, but it’s often not enough to reach all of the markets you want to be active in. It’s also not enough to increase brand visibility by much. A network of influencers is much more useful to you.

So what can you do to keep growing your Instagram influencer network? You can try some of these methods on for size.

1. Use a Platform to Grow Your Instagram Influencer Network

If you want to find people quickly and easily, an Instagram influencer platform is your best bet. Search for new influencers, find out who your current partner influencers are connected with, and discover niche influencers just by using this tool.

Most Instagram influencers prefer to work with brands and companies through a platform, so you’ll have better results if you sign up than if you continue to go it alone. You’ll find more influencers, influencers suited to your needs, and people more open to your partnership queries.

2. Who’s in Their Networks?

If you’re already working with some Instagrammers, take a look at who they follow and who follows them. Social media is, well, social. No Instagrammer exists in isolation. Influencers often follow other influencers. They may even be friends or engage in partnerships.

While you do need to watch your step, this can be an easy way to grow your Instagram influencer network. Your influencers may follow people who move in similar circles, but they also follow people who reach different segments of the market.

3. Ask Your Customers

You’ve looked at who your influencers follow. Now ask your customers. Who do they turn to when they’re looking for an opinion on new products?

If your customers give you the names of some of the people you’re already working with, great! Chances are you’ll also come up with some names you’ve never heard of. If you keep getting the same name over and over again, you probably want to check out that person on Instagram. There could be a great partnership opportunity, especially if they’re very influential in their niche or they have a large following.

4. Branch into New Markets

As you expand your Instagram influencer network, you’ll likely want to ensure you have some different market segments represented by different influencers. There may be something to be said for influencer saturation, but partnering with every single influencer in a market isn’t really desirable. It may not be possible if the market’s quite large.

Instead, look for coverage in a few key market segments. If you already have someone representing your new fitness product in the weightlifting community, you might consider additional partnerships here. You also might look at influencers in nutrition, yoga, or even the running community.

5. Look at Your Competitors

Who have your competitors partnered with? There’s nothing stopping you from making an offer to an influencer. The worst that can happen is the influencer turns down your offer, preferring to continue working with your competitor.

Also look for influencers who have partnerships for similar or related products. They may be willing to represent your brand or product as well, so long as it doesn’t conflict with their existing contracts.

Looking to your competitors’ influencers can also give you an idea of what other market segments you could tap—or even where you want to steer clear.

Using these five methods, you can keep growing your Instagram influencer network in a logical and controlled way.

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