5 Advantages of Using an Instagram Influencer Search Tool

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You’re sitting at your desk, staring at your phone or your desktop. You’re wondering how you’re possibly going to find new Instagram influencers for your marketing program. Whether you’re enlarging your already-existing program or you’re just getting influencer marketing off the ground, you need to find people and fast.

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You already know the value of using an Instagram influencer search tool. Obviously, this tool helps you find influencers in short order. Did you know about all of the advantages these tools can give you?

1. Find Influencers Faster with an Instagram Influencer Search Tool

This is the most obvious advantage of using an Instagram influencer search tool. In fact, it’s probably the reason you considered adopting a search tool in the first place! You needed to find Instagram influencers quickly.

Instead of picking through Instagram or looking people up using a Google search for “Instagram influencers,” the Instagram influencer search tool allows you to quickly and easily locate the best influencers for your brand, product, or service.

2. Find the Right People

Another advantage of the Instagram influencer search tool is how it allows you to zero in on the right people sooner. Many marketers make the mistake of partnering with the wrong people to promote their products, only to realize their error later on down the line.

A tool allows your search to be as expansive or as narrow as you want. You can spend more time researching influencers to determine if they’re a good fit for your company. Customizing your search will make it easier to turn up the right candidates.

3. Discover Niche Influencers

Bigger isn’t always better, as some marketers are discovering. Until recently, most marketers simply went after the people who had the biggest Instagram followings. Since they had so many followers, these people just had to be influential.

It turns out a big following doesn’t always translate into influence. Some Instagrammers with massive followings have relatively little sway over their followers. Other Instagrammers with modest followings may actually have more power over their followers’ opinions.

You can find these “niche” influencers by using an Instagram influencer search tool.

4. Discover Niche Markets

While you may discover a niche influencer, you might also discover a niche market you’d overlooked. Partnering with a niche influencer may open your eyes to a smaller market of dedicated consumers you weren’t aware of before.

Many marketers are discovering the power of marketing to customers in particular niches. The “something for everyone” message no longer works. The market is becoming ever-more fragmented, and reaching certain subsections may seem impossible. It’s certainly an impossible feat if you’re not even aware the subsection exists.

Niche influencers can not only show you market fragments you didn’t know about but they can also give you an in. Consumers in smaller markets may be part of a tight-knit community, which can also be distrustful of brand interests. Partnering with the niche influencers you discover through the Instagram influencer search tool can help you begin building credibility.

5. Find Other Influencers

Your Instagram influencer search tool can also help you discover related Instagram influencers. You may partner with one person, but what happens when you want to or need to expand your influencer program?

The search tool can help you find related influencers who move in similar circles but may also occupy different subsections of the market. If you’re going for saturation of a particular market fragment, you might decide to partner with several influencers with the same or similar spheres of influence.

The search tool can help you discover where these overlaps exist. If you want to avoid overlapping interests, you can also use the tool to this effect!

It’s easy to see the advantages of an Instagram influencer search tool expand beyond finding influencers quickly. You can use it to more effectively strategize your influencer partnerships and reach new markets.

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