4 Simple Ways to Find Influencers on Instagram

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Good news! Your budget proposal for Instagram influencer marketing has just been approved. You’ll be moving ahead with the new program.

You may have done a lot of behind-the-scenes work before recommending or enlarging an influencer marketing program for your company. You may still need to actually find Instagram influencers. Maybe you had a few people tabbed, but those opportunities have disappeared. Maybe you waited until you had the budget in hand. Whatever the reason, you need to find influencers and fast.

Try one of these simple methods to find the Instagram influencers you need.

1. Ask Your Customers

You already have an existing customer base. You probably have a small following on social media, maybe across several channels. Whether you’re in the middle of building your community or you have a large following, take a simple step to find influencers on Instagram: ask!

Chances are your customers follow some of the same people on Instagram. If you’re the marketer at a cosmetics company, ask your customers which makeup Instagrammers they love to follow. You can survey your customers through email, via social media post, or even on their accounts on your website.

You may find influencers on Instagram who have smaller, yet dedicated followings. You may learn about new niches that overlap with your market. Sending a customer survey is probably one of the easiest things you can do when you’re looking for influencers.

2. Use Google

This might seem similar to searching Instagram, but a Google search can help you ascertain someone’s influence. It might look like someone is very influential on Instagram, but does their content come up when you search for particular terms? Is their Instagram page the first result when you search their name?

If not, this influencer may not be as influential as they’d like you to think. Google can also provide insight into who else they’re working with. You can also easily sample content they’ve prepared for other channels or other brand partnerships this way. It can also shed light on any controversy the person may have been involved in.

Searching for particular terms, rather than particular people, may turn up additional or alternate influencers on Instagram.

3. Use an Instagram Influencer Platform

If you were smart, you built the cost of an Instagram influencer platform right into your influencer marketing budget. If you didn’t think about using an influencer platform, you need to revisit your position.

The easiest way to find influencers on Instagram is to use one of these platforms. Influencer platforms form a convergence of brands and influencers. You can look for influencers to become brand representatives.

Most influencers prefer to use an influencer platform when they’re working with brands and companies. You’ll have better luck finding the people you need if you’re also using a platform.

4. Find Influencers on Instagram

This method is relatively simple, although it can be time consuming and doesn’t always produce the best results. Take a whirl through Instagram to see if you can find influencers.

You can try Instagram’s search function to see whose content on a particular subject is most viewed or most popular. You can also look through hashtags and trending terms to find out who uses the same terms you use on your own posts.

For the best results, combine this method with methods 1 and 2. You should always do research about potential influencer partners. When you find someone through customer recommendations or on an influencer platform, take a look at their content. You might also take a look at who they’re following and interacting with. Someone in their network might be the perfect fit!

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