4 FAQs about Instagram Influencer Marketing

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While 75 percent of marketers indicate they’re already using influencer marketing, there are still many stumbling blocks as people work out the best ways to include it in their overall strategies.

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Instagram influencer marketing is perhaps one of the more popular subcategories of this technique. Instagram has an enormous user base. The picture-based nature of the platform makes it more appealing than text-based platforms like Twitter. It’s little wonder more people choose Instagram for their influencer marketing.

You may have questions about influencer marketing on Instagram. Most people do. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. Is Instagram Influencer Marketing Effective?

Perhaps the most common question about Instagram influencer marketing is whether or not it works. Before you apply your limited budget into this strategy, you want to know you’re going to get something out of it.

The answer is yes, it works. These campaigns have an ROI 11 times higher than most other digital marketing techniques. Marketers are quickly discovering they get the most value for their money through influencer marketing on social media platforms like Instagram.

2. Who Uses Instagram?

This is an important question for anyone considering Instagram influencer marketing to consider. Instagram has a large user base with millions of active accounts. Not all of those accounts are individuals. Some people have more than one account. Some accounts are manned by robots.

Demographics play a role here. While anyone and everyone can use Instagram, not everyone does. Facebook now tends to have an older user base while Instagram skews young. The user base is heavily centered on Millennials and teenagers. Instagram’s user base is also predominately female, although there are plenty of men using the platform as well.

Think about your target audience. Are they primarily men or women? How old are they? How technologically savvy are they? You’ll need to compare your demographic profile to Instagram’s user base to determine if Instagram influencer marketing is worth your time and money.

3. Who Is an Influencer?

Perhaps one of the trickiest things about Instagram influencer marketing is trying to determine which influencers you should work with. You need to carefully select influencers who embody your corporate culture and brand values. Ignoring influencer “fit” can lead to some bizarre brand-influencer mismatches.

Out of this consideration comes another question: Who counts as an influencer? It’s a point most marketers trip up on. Many people make the mistake of thinking an influencer is someone who has a large number of followers.

While a large following is often a good indicator, it isn’t the be-all, end-all of influence. Some people with large followings have relatively little sway with their followers. By contrast, there are niche influencers who have much smaller followings but have much more sway. Their loyal followers are more likely to pay attention to and trust the influencer’s opinion.

4. How Much Does It Cost?

Once you’ve established some of the facts, such as who counts as an influencer and whether Instagram is right for your product, your next question is likely about the cost of running a campaign.

The good news is influencer marketing of any type can be particularly cost-effective. In fact, Instagram influencer marketing can represent the most bang for your buck of any digital marketing technique. The costs don’t have to be very high.

The bad news is many marketers make mistakes during the negotiation process and end up inflating the costs of their campaigns. If you’re careful, you can use your marketing dollars wisely and still run effective campaigns.

Now that you’ve answered some of your questions, you probably have more! Do some more research or talk to an expert to determine if it’s a strategy you should adopt for your brand.

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