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How does DocuSign help influencer marketers?

DocuSign brings the security of legally binding documents online and allows people to sign them from anywhere. Marketers working with creators can use DocuSign to send custom contracts regarding campaign details, content usage rights, creator licensing agreements, and more.

GRIN x DocuSign integration feature overview

The GRIN x DocuSign integration lets users connect two of their favorite marketing solutions to streamline their workflow and reduce their busy work. With the integration, you can:

Send custom contracts to creators from GRIN so you don’t have to go back and forth between platforms. Store signed contracts within GRIN so you always know the details you agreed upon. View contract status within GRIN so you can send reminders to creators who are still pending.

GRIN x DocuSign: Secure creator contracts to give influencer marketers peace of mind

You’ve got better things to do than jump between platforms to get your contracts signed. See how the GRIN x DocuSign integration can streamline your influencer marketing process.

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